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You're an evangelist, baby

So, fun story.
On Sunday I was preaching about how God heals. And I announced that I was healed of PCOS and now pregnant with Baby G. A girl came up to me after service and she told me how she came to Godsearch the week prior for the first time. She told me that she did not believe in God, but after that service she called her grandmother and told her she went to church. She also told her grandmother that she doesn't think that God is real. Her grandmother told her to "keep your eyes open for God." That week, the girl had a dream. She said that she saw me in the dream holding a baby. This seemed strange to her because we never met before. But after I announced that I was pregnant she said that she knew that it was me from the dream. She said that she is now believing that God is real.
Baby G, I think that you're going to be an evangelist (I know its a big word. It means you'll point people to Jesus).

Dear Baby: Things you need to know about your mother.

Dear baby,
I know right now, I am nothing more than an incubater for you. But I think that there a few things that you should know about your mother.
1. I can't spell. Particularly, words like February tend to throw me off.
2. I used to be capable of having a full time job and doing things for Jesus at night. While you probably don't realize this as you are safely in my tummy and like to nap with me and make me nauseous. I used to be very busy doing things that I thought were important.
3. I don't like animals so I just want to lay the ground work now that you will probably never have pets.
4. I like things clean but I am not a good cleaner. We used to have a wonderful woman named Donna that would clean for us. I will not be her.
5. I really like Jesus. And I believe that he is the one that has given you to us.
6. I have a severe sugar addiction. And if this pregnancy is any indication, I think that you will have this also. I have no shame in taking you with me to …

The day the earth stood still

2/19/2009 - This is how we knew you were coming baby.

Daniel and I were married in July 2008. We bought a lovely house in Urbana, IL. And we settled into life as a married couple. Daniel is a pastor at the Vineyard Church. I was a sales representative for Johnson and Johnson (you know that baby powder people). My company went through a major lay off in January 2009, and I was let go (or displaced as my company so nicely put it). We prayed and felt like God said for me to take three months off of work and to help Daniel with ministry stuff.

How God healed me:
When I was 16 years old I heard from a doctor for the first time that I would have a hard time ever getting pregnant. I was diagnosed later with PCOS. Which is a hormonal disorder that I seemed to suffer from quite badly. So every year of my life for 11 years I heard that same story. You will probably never get pregnant without medical help. For a lot of my life I cared, but it didn’t seem like it immediately effected me. I got marri…