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Family day!

We love family day around here. And Daniel did a great job making this past family day (aka Friday) great. We spent the morning at a park, had a picnic lunch and Nathan waded in the water of the lake. Then after nap time, Daniel took the boys out to play at a playground while I had some kid free time.


Nathan LOVES cars right now. He likes to line them up and race them through our little people car garages. "No mom, don't touch them," is a statement I hear frequently.
This evening he decided to feed his cars some "lunch." He let me know that some of his cars aren't ready for their lunch.

11 months old

11 months old and he knows how to pose for the camera!


Seriously..... I can't get over his cuteness.

Spiderman continued

Have I mentioned that Nathan LOVES to dress up and play pretend? His number one character to dress up as is spiderman. A lady was face painting at the farmers market today, se we seized the chance. Nathan sat so still. When we got home he kept needing to look in the mirror.

Garbage digger

Elijah got his grubby little paws into the garbage can and found himself a piece of celery. Might be dirty, but at least it's healthy!

Brotherly love

Elijah is finely almost old enough to start playing with Nathan. And it's pretty much the cutest thing ever to see the boys getting along. Tonight nathan knew he'd have to share the firetruck with his brother so he seized the chance to get a ride!

Biking safety

It has now become our families Saturday morning tradition to go to the farmers market near our house. Last week I let Nathan ride his bike to the market. Boy were we in for a surprise when we found out it was bike safety day! Nathan got to bike through an obstacle course and get some cool reflectors for his bike. And he did it all with his trusty spiderman backpack on his back, it was full of cars of course.

If you give a baby a muffin

If you give a baby a muffin, he'll ask you for another. When you don't give him another, he'll find his brother's on the floor. When he finds his brother's muffin on the floor he will shove the whole thing into his mouth as fast as possible. And later you'll find crumbs.