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My new blog!

Today I interrupt the regularly scheduled gushing about every move my children make, with an announcement.
I started a new blog!

I have been on a journey of health and nutrition for years now.  But his past June I decided to take things to the next level and become a personal trainer.  I am almost finished with my training and I am starting a franchise of a women's bootcamp called "Chix in Training" in January.  This company is awesome, they are all about changing lives, inspiring women, AND focusing on Jesus.  You can learn more about them here. 
I fell in love with blogging her, but I knew I would need a venue to share more about fitness so I started over.  It will hopefully be an easy tool to share with clients how I eat, and what I am learning about fitness. Daniel came up with the blog name.  It's supposed to be a play on the word "fitness" and the fact that I only train women. He's so creative. :)

So head on over and check it out!

Top ten for Nathan

Nathan had his birthday and I forgot to write a top ten for him. Considering the utter failure I had with finishing Elijah's top ten list, I figured I would do this all in one post.

Top things that make Nathan awesome
 1. He is really musical, he can find the beat of a song and keep it. Nathan can usually sing a song after only hearing it once. I credit this to Auntie Jo's intensive ear training that she would do when he was younger. :) Every night we sing songs before bed and he normal requests adult songs instead of more children's rhythms. Reign down is still his number one song, followed close behind by a new song we have been singing by Bethel called "In your light." Nathan can also change the words in songs that he knows to make them funny. 

2. Nathan is hilarious. He is at this funny stage where he can express himself but doesn't fully understand reason. This equals him saying some funny things. Like tonight when he said "Mom, are you an ange…

Battle of the drummers

What??? Oh I couldn't hear you over all the drumming!
Nathan is continuing his love of drums. We still watch you tube drum tutorials regularly so he can learn :)
And following suit is little Elijah man. He just can't help but copy big brother.

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