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Happy Baby

Its amazing to me how God knows exactly what we need.  God knew we needed Elijah to be part of our family before we ever did.  He is perfect, and happy, and REALLY happy.  Nathan is great! Nathan is passionate, fun, and LOUD........and 2 years old (very much 2 years old). So when things get alittle crazy in our house, I look at this little baby that is just happy most of the time and I can't help but smile back.  Elijah brings so much joy to our house and to my life as a mommy.  And this is why we all call him our happy baby.

Nathan Cheers

Nathan and I were playing playdough that other night and he decided to cheer for himself when he did a good job.


Daniel has been one at a conference in Oregon this week. Let me tell you, it's been a long 4 days. Daniel came home to a very grumpy 2 year old. Turns out Nathan has decided to "punish" Daniel for being away. I thought he would be delighted to see his dad, but instead he is crying and wants to sit on my lap.

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Brotherly love

Nathan has really fallen in love with his brother this week. Nathan has decided he likes to make Elijah laugh, play with his hands, and hold him. And Elijah pretty much let's Nathan do whatever he wants to him, including trying to pick him up off the floor.

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Pink Eye FAIL

Elijah woke up this morning with half of his eye red.  I didn't think anything of it and went about our day.  Later, I realized that his eye was more red and watering.  This evening we went to Sam's.  In between feeding Nathan samples at Sams I saw Elijah's red eye watering and he was trying to rub it.  I began to think that Elijah had pink eye, so off to convenient care we go.
When we go to convenient care we started the "occupy my 2 year old while holding a baby" game.  Thankfully I had a diaper bag stocked with toys.  Nathan made his way through the diaper bag and eventually found a 2 step lipstick that I had.  The lipstick has a shiny case that holds a clear and a color, they have to be unscrewed to open so I thought it was safe.  Some people sat next to us and we started to chat.  I actually thought maybe I could share Jesus' love with them.  Nathan was sitting right next to me so I thought I was safe. FAIL
I turned and looked at Nathan.  Nathan had uns…


Nathan went out and played in the snow while I shoveled. Always helpful, nathan then helped by shoveling the front yard.

The snack cupboard

I am an organized person trapped in a busy moms body.  Meaning, I had children and organization took a back seat along with painting my nails and coloring my hair :) I am very frustrated at the general lack of organization in my life and I have been trying to change this.  Enter pinterest......
We have had a snack cupboard in our kitchen for awhile, and once I learned to keep it clean I love it.  The biggest tip I discovered on pinterest is to take everything out of its package when you get it home.  Then you don't have a million boxes in the cupboard with one granola bar in them.
I keep 2 tupperware tubs in the cabinet.  One is for Nathan snacks and lunch items, the other is for more general snack items.  When Nathan needs a snack in the afternoon or I am packing his lunch I can just take down the tupperware tub and get what I need.  In days that we are really rushed I can do lunch in about 15 seconds: crackers, apple sauce, juicebox.

Bedtime prayers

It is one of the delights of my day to put Nathan to bed.  I love the precious moments that we get to spend just him and me before he goes to sleep.  Every night before I put him down in bed we say our prayers.  I ask Nathan who he wan'ts to pray for and usually lists off all of his friends from daycare first, then our family members.  Next I pray for Nathan and I pray the dreams that we have for Nathan over him.  Then Nathan usually interjects little tidbits from his day, or says funny things.  Starting this year, I have begun to be even more purposeful of our nighttime prayers.  I found this calendar, which gives a theme for each day and a scripture verse to go with it.  I posted this above the light switch in Nathan's room so it is available at a quick glance.  I'm am thinking I am going to frame it so it looks nicer. Nathan has noticed this addition to our routine and now will point at the paper calendar and say, "say prayers."

Elijah rolls over

Elijah rolled over for the first time today! Well, he's done it before but today was the first time he was consistent and I got it on video.

Then Nathan wanted to join in on the fun and wanted me to tape him too :)

Counting raisins

We are trying to learn to count to 10 right now. Nathan seems to get stuck at 8. But when he starts at 8 he can count to 13. Figure that one out.
So I have him a bunch of containers and a bunch of raisins. Then we practiced putting 10 raisins into each container.

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First vaccines

Elijah had his first shots today. He seems to just want to sleep. I'll take that over being sick or cranky.

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3 months old

Wow Elijah is 3 months old!!!
He's doing great! Sleeping through the night (7pm-5am) and napping like a champ.
Elijah LOVES to lay on the floor and kick his legs. He's got great control of his head.
The only thing not going well is his skin, he has eczema and cradle cap.
Other than that he is a pleasant little guy. We call him "happy baby."

The stats:
Weight: 14lb. 7oz. (75%)
Length: 24.4 inches (68%)
Head: 42cm (75%)
Chunky baby :)

Tummy time

Smiley guy

He likes this ball made of towel material.

And he loves his baths.

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Tummy time.

Elijah does not enjoy tummy time, but he at least looks cute trying it out :)

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Our life

This is a good snap shot of our house. Chill baby on the floor. 2 year old drumming on something in the background.

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Happy birthday Jesus

We tried to make Christmas this year about Jesus and his birth. So we had a birthday cake for Jesus. Nathan got really into it. He even learned to sing happy birthday.

I would have loved to make one of my usual cakes, but I was too tired. So I found a tiny cake just the right size for us.

And Elijah was doing his usual.

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Elijah smiles

Elijah (aka little nugget) started to smile and coo this past week :) He seems so happy all of the time.

You know just hanging out.

Watching a fan.

And talking away.

And then the brother photo bombs us.

He's pretty cute too.

The end

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