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Decatur children's museum

I had one mission over spring break...we had to get out of town for at least one day. We headed 45 minutes away to the Decatur children's museum. It was great! We were there for about 2 hours and my kids were the right age to play on everything yet not be bored. 


i enrolled the boys in Swim lessons this spring. And let me tell you, BEST IDEA EVER. This is what I needed all winter! I have 2 very energetic boys and when they can't play gets sticky. Activities are our answers. The boys loved it and both passed their swim levels. I look forward to enrolling then again later this year. 

Spring has sprung!!

We had the most beautiful 60 degree day today! We went to a friends house for lunch after church and we are lunch outside. So nice! The kids ran around for a few hours.I took the boys for a run that ended at our neighborhood park. This was our first visit to a park in 2015. The boys had a great time and were TIRED for bed.  As a highlight Elijah was found telling another child that called him "that boy", "I'm not a boy, I'm Elijah!" 

Taco date with Elijah

IElijah and I have a new tradition, going out to El Toro for tacos! Turns out that Elijah is as much of a Mexican food lover as I am. :) He eats chips and talks to me.  And he eats one hard shell taco.  And we both love every minute of it.