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What can I say they are brothers!

The day of labor

Labor Day weekend!!! I am so thankful to have this extra day off this weekend. Daniel officiated a wedding this weekend and had a worship burn so that combination kind of put a damper on our family day. But we made up for it today!! We packed in as much special Labor Day fun into today as we could handle. First we took out the old power wheel and took it for a spin around the neighborhood. We ended at our Labor Day parade. The boys loved the parade and I actually think it was just as fun as the Fourth of July parade. We walked away from the parade with two BUCKETS of candy. That's right 2 sand pails full. At the beginning of the parade we instituted the "you can only eat what you can open yourself" rule and this slowed the candy eating down during the parade. Elijah only managed to eat 5 or 6 suckers. :) 
After family nap time, we went to the Urbana pool with some friends. This was our first trip to this pool and we really liked it. I am so thankful that the boys have got…

Water play

I took the boys to the Hessel Park Water Play area this weekend. It's the last weekend this is open for the year. There were only 2 othwr gjrls there today. Nathan is still shy with other children and prefers to play with boys, he spent his time playing with his brother. I love seeing the boys play together. I use the term "play" loosely. By play I mean Elijah tries to copy his older brother and try to so things that he's not quite physically ready for. It's a good time :) 

Elijah is 2!

Elijah is 2 today!

Last year I did top 10 lists to tell about my darling children.  So I thought I would keep with tradition so here's all about Elijah lately:

1. Expressive Elijah is what we refer to his as.  Elijah gets excited about EVERYTHING.  He squeels and jumps over any event and we love this about him.  Whether its getting a sucker, getting a vitamin, getting a picture that his brother drew him, or getting a cup of water Elijah has the same excited response.  Imagine the squeel of a children that opens a new toy for a present, repeated 20 times a day.

2. Elijah sleeps without a pacifier! I made this my goal for him before he turned 2 and four days ago we got rid of his precious paci.  He has been pretty good about this transition, he hasn't cried much.  But he does have a party for one each night for about an hour in his crib.  Surprisingly, Nathan sleeps through his yelling, jumping and singing.

3. Elijah still loves to take baths.  He recently discovered the hand h…