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Benefits of having a brother

Nathan discovered a major benefit to having a little brother today. He now has a captive audience to listen to him. This is at least until Elijah learns to crawl away :)

Morning concert

Here's a morning drum concert by Nathan Goulet singing "ABC."

Questioning Jesus

Nathan had alot of questions about Jesus tonight. Our talk went something like this:
Nathan: where's Jesus?
Me: he's in your heart.
Nathan: in mommys heart?
Me: yes, in mine too
Nathan points to my heart.
Nathan: I don't see him.
Me: we can't see him but he's there.
Nathan: where's Jesus?

Repeat this same dialogue 4 times and that's our bedtime conversation tonight.

Shopping cart

Thank you to grocery stores that have fun carts! They make my shopping experience much nicer.

Keeping the vision out front

I really try to make an effort to share the good in my children and my family, especially on this blog. I would hate for our little family blog to become a place of venting. That's what my prayer journal is for :) But there are a few areas lately at "Camp Goulet" that are not so smooth. These are mainly the boys sharing a bedroom, and leaving the baby with babysitters. The boys have been sharing a bedroom at night for a few weeks now, and the transition is not going as smoothly as I had hoped. Before they shared a room night time was easy, they each were put in their room and they fell asleep on their own. Since they have been sharing a room we follow the same routine only now it includes Nathan being put to bed, then mommy sitting and nursing the baby before putting him in bed. After I leave the room the boys "talk" to each other then they seem to take turns waking each other up. This lasts about an hour each night. This hour is filled with me watch…

my boys

Here are all the boys playing together :)