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Here's to the drums

Incase our neighbors haven't told you yet, we like drums around here. We like drums ALOT. Elijah wakes up asking for them every morning, and is sad to leave them every time we go anywhere.
The boys play electronic drums.
The boys set up full sets of drums to play along of you tube tutorials.
Naked drumming is always exciting.
Sometimes, we even take all of the plastic bowls out of the cupboard to expand the drum collection.  Unsharpened pencils? No they are drumsticks around here. 
We like drums.

Popcorn love!

One of our favorite activities to do on family day is to watch a movie together as a family in the afternoon. And now that Elijah is 2 we can all participate. 
Goulet family movie rules: 1. We must make popcorn 
2. Everyone must have their own popcorn bowl
And that is all

Elijah loves naps

For as much as Elijah hates bed time, he LOVES his naps. When we get home from spending the morning at church he often easily climbs into bed and says "bye mom." Elijah sleeps 2 hours, sometimes longer. I have to wake him up by 4:00 or bedtime is hopeless. I took this picture the other day as I was trying to wake him up. I usually takes 15-20 minutes and about 5 attempts to get him to wake up from a nap. 
Good thing he naps, because I need the energy in the evening while putting him back in bed for the 5th time. :) 

Drive in movie!

We made the spontaneous decision to go to the drive in after we saw that they were showing the new Planes movie. The boys both fell asleep on the way there. That's what we get for trying a 8:30pm show time! Thankfully they woke up after we got to the drive in. This was so much fun. We mainly cuddled in the back if the van. We played tag during intermission. This is the first movie that Elijah was able to sit through.  Note to self: minivan was awesome for the drive in, but bring lots of pillows.

Bloomington day trip

We made a trip over to Bloomington to buy a new minivan earlier this week. We wanted a specific type of van (like the one we already have) because we knew Daniels very tall self fits well in it. I fell in love with some of the parks in Bloomington earlier this summer so this time we tried out McGraw park. Super cute! They have a splash pad and a great playground.  My children even managed to climb in the fountain as we were leaving. 

The fair

Our new house is a half a block from the fairgrounds so I knew I wasn't going to get away with avoid it entirely. I finally caved on kids day and took the boys to the rides. Every kid got 5 free rides and free admission. The boys really surprised me that they liked the rides that went up in the air. Elijah was really brave and tried everything Nathan did. Our tickets kept us there about an hour which was perfect for us.  Brothers fighting over the joystick on a ride.