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Baby #2 update

11 Weeks
I went to my midwife appointment today and I LOST 2 pounds. I'm pretty excited about this. With my belly already starting to show, I thought for sure this would be different.
Babies heartrate is 165 BPM. We had a sonogram to test for some genetic stuff and it turns out that the little nugget is still too little to see what they needed to see. I was right on the border of being far enough along for the test. So we'll be going back in a week and a half. But we did get to see the little 4cm bean kicking around in there.
This pregnancy has been really uneventful. I feel great, I was scared to put this out there, but I only have one more week of the good old first trimester so I will. I feel better than I did when I was pregnant with Nathan, no nausea, no vomiting, just alittle tired.

Spicy anything, I could eat mexican at every meal.
Rootbear floats, my loving husband had to go to the store one night just to get the ingredients.
Dark Chocolate, I kind of hav…


This morning Nathan's toys of choice were:
1. An unopened bag of coughdrops.
2. A box of individually wrapped gauze pads.
3. An empty diaper pail.

That is all.

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Nathan just stopped what he was doing an posed for this picture.

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Shoe designer

Nathan played his favorite game this morning, "let's put things where I think they belong." Nathan took all the shoes out of our downstairs closet and arranged them around the living room. I guess he liked how they looked? My house will never be clean again.

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Independent play

We are continuing to loosely follow the babywise books on child raising. One of the recommendations is something called "independent play." Which means you put toys in a playpen near you, and you let our child play by themself for 20-30 minutes.
Nathan used to take the opportunity while I got ready in the morning to destroy the bathroom. I think he knew I was occupied. So I thought this would be the perfect time of the day to do independent play. I set up his pack and play outside the bathroom, put in some favorite toys and say "have fun buddy."

It took alittle while for him to understand that his is not punishment and actually focusing on your toys can be fun. I love independent play time, and Nathan really does focus more on his toys instead of going from thing to thing. I am going to remember this for "the new guy" and hopefully start sooner than I did with Nathan.
But today, Nathan wins in our constant game of "who can out smart who." I peek…

New due date

We had an ultrasound today to determine my real due date. And I learned we had the wrong due date, baby #2 is due October 18th. 3 days before Nathans second birthday. Daniel thinks it would be cool to have the baby on Nathans birthday.
So I'm 2 weeks less along than I thought.

Pros: I have 2 more weeks to plan.
Nathan has 2 more weeks to grow up.

Cons: I have 2 more weeks than I thought of the dreaded first trimester. :(

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