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Not my best moment

In our house, I have a lovely little space in the basement that I have claimed as my office. It is less than fancy, and it's made of left over furniture from various places I have lived. The walls are crumbling and the ceiling is about three inches too low, but this is my space and that's what matters. This is the quiet place that I go to do important things, like obsessively read blogs. Up until 2 weeks ago I had been sitting on an all plastic $10 Ikea desk chair in front of my clearance department Ikea desk to use my Macintosh computer. I say this UNTIL 2 weeks ago, when a friend of mine offered my a free desk chair. It's not much, it's probably the $20 Ikea model, but its an upgrade from what I had. So I gladly took the chair from her.This weekend Daniel and I have been preparing a sermon all week to give on Sunday night. We have been going through our usual style: I research like crazy for a few days, then we banter back and forth about what to write. This…

Midwife Update - 32weeks

OH my, I'm 32 weeks this week. It's crazy to think that Baby Goulet will be here in 8 more weeks.
I went to the midwife today and got good news, my belly grew significantly from my last visit. My "fundal" measurement is perfect. Baby Goulet is head down, and the midwife guesses that he will stay there until I deliver. This puts him in perfect position to kick at my ribs at will.
Speaking of ribs, baby Goulet seems to really like mine. I figure he thinks they are good leverage to push off of. One day last week my rib hurt so bad that I thought that he fractured one. Then I googled this sore ribs phenomena to learn that it is nearly impossible for this to happen. But I was comforted to read that other women had this same thought.


We have been at a conference all week. It had your standard conference schedule of worship and talks, most of which were great. On Thursday we had some workshop breakouts, I decided to attend one on "the Prophetic." It was surprisingly down to earth, and was giving basic tools to try to hear the voice of God for yourself and for other people. We learned the biblical basis for this, and did some exercises to try to hear God's voice.
Later that night, I was stopped in the hall by two seventh grade girls. They asked me, "Is your baby a boy?" I told them yes, he was. Then they shared with me that they saw me in the prophetic workshop, so they asked Jesus if my baby was a boy or a girl. They thought that they heard that is was a boy. They were pretty excited that they heard correctly. I then asked them if they heard a name for the baby....they didn't give a response. They gave me a look, like "we guessed the sex of the baby correctly, what else do…

The first sighting

It happened today..... a milestone for me. I was in Walgreen's when it happened. I never saw it coming. I was minding my own business when.... the cashier asked me when me due date was. Now this might seem like no big deal, but this was the first time that a stranger asked about my pregnancy. I know for some pregnant women this might be a common occurrence. But it is a big deal to me. It means in my mind that I have crossed the threshold from looking fat and bloated to looking like I am growing a child.


I have a new craving, chocolate milk. I could probably drink a half gallon in one sitting...ok, I know I can drink a half gallon in one sitting. And it can't be the make it yourself kind, I want the premixed and has way too much sugar in it kind.
I was telling Daniel of this recent craving and trying to justify that the baby needs calcium, that's why I need to drink so much. If I only had a nutritional explanation for the chocolate part.....

Register Schmegister

Daniel and I made our way to Target this week and registered for Baby Goulet. Daniel and I learned when we did our wedding registry that we don't like making registries. So, I came prepared this time.... I had a list. I looked at websites and got advice from friends as far as what we REALLY need.
Daniel has this thing about stuff, he doesn't like to have too much of it. Usually I am on the same page, not wanting too much stuff in our house (don't judge me by my basement) and not wanting things that we will not really use. But this baby was like walking into the land of the unknown.
For instance bottles. Seemingly an easy thing to buy. Until you realize that there is a half aisle of just bottles. There are 20 different kinds of bottles, some are angled, some are glass, some look exactly the same but cost differently. We finally decided on some BPA free ones that came in a multi-pack...but wait there are pink bottles in the multi-pack. Daniel vetoed that …

Some waiting room humor

I was at the midwife's office all morning. I needed to get blood work. I got my Rogam shot. And I saw the midwife. All that to say, there was a lot of waiting room time involved.
Thankfully during hour 2 of waiting I got a reprieve. Some little kid found the box of swine flu masks and decided to make a game out of what he could do with them. Midway through his "I can use it as a head covering" routine I snapped this picture.Don't worry. I saw him stuff a bunch of masks in his pocket for later. He'll get hours of entertainment from his reserve supply.