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Up from my sick bed.

No picture this week. I have had a long week physically.

My illness began on Tuesday with another pregnancy migraine. WHY! I ask, do I need to be in the small percent of women whose migraines get worse during pregnancy. This is very uncommon, most women with migraines pre-pregnancy have great improvement during pregnancy. There was a point that my neurologist even joked with me about getting pregnant because he swore it makes migraines go away. Not for this woman.

The next morning I woke up not feeling very well. I had really bad heartburn the night before. I have never had heartburn, so I chalked it up to pregnancy and went on with things. By noon things were not good, I had a fever and the chills. Because I am pregnant and paranoid, I immediately called the my doctor who told me to come in that afternoon. Daniel lovingly drove me to the doctor, who was actually the nurse practitioner because the doctor was busy. She told me I had a virus. So, she could do nothing but monitor me.

The ne…

Was it just me??

So i have been anxiously awaiting to feel baby Goulet move. "The experts" say that this happens any time after 16 weeks.
And last night at church I felt our little wiggle worm for the first time. It was just quick little butterflies. It might have been my stomach, but I am counting it as the baby moving.

17 Weeks

Here we are at 17 weeks. I didn't think that I had grown that much until I looked at the scale. :) But I am excited at the baby is growing, and I look forward to feeling him soon!

Midwife Appointment #3

I went to the midwife yesterday. They said that everything is fine. Even my weightgain is right on target (big sigh of relief!). The midwife found the babies heartbeat right away, a healthy 160 beats per minute.
Thank you God for a good check up.

Japan's Gift to Crazy Parents

The Baby Mop

This is apparently being promoted in Japan. The advertisement says "The kid is doing what he does best anyway, crawling. But with Baby Mop he's also learning responsibility and a healthy work ethic."
For those parents that are clean freaks and worried about a 6 month old not pulling his weight around the house, this is obviosly the optimal solution.

This shows my IQ...

So, it all began with a conversation with a lovely children's psychology major. She told me how babies can develop preferences for certain things in the womb. For instance, some mothers drank carrot juice (gross!) everyday throughout pregnancy. And surprise, when their children starting eating solid food they preferred carrots. Then I learned that mothers that read certain books to their babies in the womb had babies that preferred the books that they were read in utero.
Daniel and I each read the one year bible everyday. So, I began to read the psalm of the day allowed to our little one. Who knows, I thought.
Now as we are approaching week 17 and mothering mode is kicking into high gear I decided to try something different. So I went out and got the one year bible for children to read aloud to baby. Much to my surprise, I actually am learning and remembering a lot from this version made for 5 year olds. Who knew.... I guess this shows my IQ :)
Here's to 23 more weeks o…

Week 16

Daniel is out of town for the week. So I don't have a recent picture... it will have to wait until next week. But not much has changed. Except I gained another pound.
They say that I may start to feel movement beginning this week. So far.... I feel nothing. Which is not unusual.