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Malachi Isaac Goulet

Baby number 3 was a slight challenge to name.  I wanted a unique name that wasn't too unheard of and was biblical.  Daniel wanted something biblical that had a good meaning.  He must have looked up hundreds of name meanings during my pregnancy! It was very important to him.
I fell in love with the name Jericho pretty early.  I thought for sure his name was "Jericho James".  Daniel looked up the name's meaning and Jericho meant "City of the moon." After that, he could never really get on board with it.  But I held on and persisted that this was our baby boy number 3's name.
I offered up tons of suggestions as to different names and nothing really stuck.  We liked Judah, but felt like it was getting too popular.  We liked Samson.
Then we started to look up the names of biblical prophets. Nathan and Elijah were both prophets so we figured that we might have had a theme going.  I liked Malachi.  Daniel could not get on board.  He said that it reminded hi…

Gender reveal party

It's amazing to me how much has changed in there few years since i was last pregnant. We have already upgraded our video camera. I bought a super infant car seat that didn't exist 3 years ago. And now....gender reveal parties are all the rage. Of course we had to partake in this new tradition. Daniel and I went for a sonogram on Thursday morning and had to wait until Friday night to tell the boys if they were having a brother or a sister. We invited some of our friends to celebrate and to stay for a "lawn in" movie outside.  Painting the garage to show the movie on.  Cupcakes with secret filling.  Lots of pink and blue drinks and  food. Surprise it's another boy!  Celebrating with silly string. Ready for the movie. An aerial view of the movie.

Touring the Iron Mine

We took the boys to the iron mine rear my parents house this week. This was a fun afternoon adventure! We learned about mining and took a train about 1/2 mile underground. The whole tour lasted about an hour and it was a nice way to cool off. Inside the mine it was only 38 degrees! 

We had a baby, it's a boy

We had a baby, it's a boy.  I take tons of pictures of him because he's ADORABLE, but I have yet to document anything.  Fast forward 20 years when Malachi asks what he was like as a baby and I give him a blank stare........ I don't have much time these days to retro create posts, but I will some day.

Here's all about Malachi at 3 months!

Weight: 15lb 7oz (my largest baby)

Routine: We have a pretty standard routine as of right now.  Malachi is the last one up in the morning, he is not a fan.  Then he likes to eat every 2-2.5 hours during the day.  On a good day he takes a longer afternoon nap.  He nurses for about 45 minutes at nighttime.  Then, he sleeps.

Sleep: HE SLEEPS! He wakes up usually around 5am, last night was 6am.  Then he goes right back down until I force him awake in the morning.  The first month with Malachi was rough at night and now he is a dream!  He also likes to sleep in his rock n' play for night time and his crib for naps. 

Eating: He loves t…