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18 Months Old

Oh my, I have an 18 month old, and he's big. He has pretty much skipped the 18 month clothes and is well into the 24 month clothes. He's much more tall than round. I am guessing he's 26 pounds, but we have his official visit in a few weeks. With the new baby popping out, we are trying to teach Nathan to walk while holding our hands instead of carrying him so much.

Things Nathan Loves
1. Breakfast. The kid loves breakfast. Thankfully, I am big on cooking breakfast. He eats at least 2 pancakes, an egg, and sometimes a clementine for breakfast everyday. I don't think he can handle a day without a scrabbled egg. The rest of his meals are hit or miss depending on the day, but breakfast is the big one.
2. Drums. Nathan still has a love of the drums. His friend Stephen game him a pair of REAL drum sticks this weekend. He is not drumming on everything. He spent 25 minutes the other day drumming on a plastic bowl in the kitchen, then the bowl cracked in half.
3. Bedt…

No melmo

We own one sippy cup with Elmo on it. ONE!! So every morning I hear from Nathan how "no melmo" is on his his sippy cup.

Easter egg hunt

I had an Easter egg hunt with Nathan in our backyard. I learned Nathan is actually pretty good at finding eggs. And I learned that he expects there to be prizes in the eggs. Every single egg he opened and was disappointed to find nothing inside.

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I am a runner and have run 2-4 times a weeks most of my adult life. When I was pregnant with Nathan I for some reason decided to stop running while pregnant. Later, I totally regretted it. Running after Nathan arrived took awhile to get used to again. Since Nathan has been old enough forthe jogging stroller I have tried to take him with me as much as possible. This is part of my plan to make Nathan a runner himself.
So this pregnancy I am determined to run as long as I comfortably can. I have been able to run about 2 times a week.
My friend put on a 5k race for the Champaign County Christian Health Clinic and I thought it was a great chance for Nathan and I to run together. We had a great time. I admit I did stop and walk for a minute when we were going into the wind and he stroller was too hard to push any longer. We finished in 32:45. And we were surprised to receive the mother/son award.

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Play time

Daniel and Nathan were playing last night. We have just
Converted our weird, short, under the stairs closet to a place to store Nathan's toys. Daniel decided to really get into playtime and join Nathan in our closet.

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