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Serving others

We spent some time last week helping pack up Christmas boxes of food for those that don't have enough money to buy Christmas dinner. The boys were very helpful! They took a box and walked down the food line to have it filled. Occasionally Elijah would try to steal the gum that was meant for the food boxes. But he had a great time as a family together. 

Backyard Bonfire

I'm still not sure what to think about our new house.  There are some great things (the rent! great location!) but one of the best qualities of this house is the yard.  Our backyard combines with the 3 houses around us which creates a giant field behind us.  This has been wonderful for our family.
The other night we had our back neighbors over for a Bonfire with us.  They have children with almost identical ages (4 and 2) as our boys.
The boys did great around the fire, they even cooked their own marshmallows for smores.  Nathan had to bring out his transformer mask to "guard his face from smoke".  And it made for some pretty funny moments.

Homer Lake Playarea

Moving down the Goulet Family Bucket List, we headed to Homer Lake Play area on Friday.  It was great! I have been hearing from everyone that has visited the new natural play area that kids love it, but I didn't imagine it would be this cool.

Homer Lake is only 20 minutes from our house, but it feels far away from the city.  The boys were very excited to wear their new sunglasses on the trip.

I packed a picnic lunch but Elijah decided to wait on food and to climb into the river right away.  Elijah's first trip up the river, I was convinced he was going to fall and hit his head on the rocks.  But alas, he is more grown up and coordinated than I give him credit for.

Nathan ate then went to play.  Nathan wants to be a ninja so he used the different play areas to practice his ninja moves.  Nathan jumped from rock to rock in the water and practiced standing on one leg, I thought he was trying to reenact a scene from the Karate Kid.

It was a great day for us as a family, and a par…

Memorial Day weekend day 1

I have been feeling like I need to be better about documenting the lives of my children lately. I have really been slacking at this and I realize that a phone full of pictures that I do nothing is really not going to be helpful when my children get older. 
Memorial DAY WEEKEND! 
We started the morning playing with rescue heroes. My mom bought these for Nathan and they have been played with for 2 years. Lately Elijah has been loving playing with the "big trucks" and the rescue heroes fit in them perfectly. Nathan was sleeping while we played. My children have decided to sleep in since we loved to our new house what? On this day, nathan slept until 9:00 leaving Elijah and I alone for 2 hours. I loved this, but it felt so weird to not have Nathan's constant commentary going on :) 

Next we walked around to deliver invites to our Memorial Day BBQ to our neighbors. This was a substitution for our nightly walk that we've been taking. 
On Saturday we took the bike and trailer to…

Hessel Park play

We checked another item off of our Goulet Family Summer bucket list, Hessel Park water play area. The boys loved the park, but preferred everything except the water. They eventually ran and played in the sprayers for about 15 minutes. What they loved? The sand diggers! At one point Nathan called for Elijah to come over and asked if he wanted Nathan to teach him how to dig. "Are you strong enough little buddy? I'll help you." Then as a mom I cried alittle on the inside.