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So fresh and so clean

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Sprinkler Time

We had the HOTTEST day of the year this past weekend. Nathan and I celebrated by playing in the sprinkler. This was his first time in the sprinkler, but he loves water so he loved it. The hose was much more exciting than the sprinkler. He kept wanting me to squirt water into his mouth.

9 Months old!

Here is all about Nathan this month....

Things Nathan Loves (This includes most things.)

1. Big people food. If we are eating it, he wants it. If he can put it in his mouth himself, it's even better.

2. The Pool and baths. Still a big fan of the bath, he tried to take of his clothes and climb in when I start the water. He now crawls right into the baby wading pool when we get there. I am surprised how independent he is in the water, I just follow him around but he doesn't look for me or act like he needs me at all.

3. Dancing. This has become a daily event in our house. I posted a video below of him going crazy. Any music with a good beat is preferable, hooky kids tunes will not do!

4. His new car seat. We transfered out of the baby carrier last month to big carseats. He is still backward facing, but he is up high and can sleep more comfortably in them.

5. Playing hide and seek. He really likes when we hide from him. He loves to chase after Daniel and I and come find…


Nathan learned to climb the stairs at church this weekend. He has now made climbing stairs in our house his favorite hobby. I stay pretty close (ok, really close)when he does this, just incase he falls. He hasn't had a slip up yet.
Here is a video of our climber. Gotta worn you that this is not that entertaining. It's one of those "only a grandparent can love" videos.

Nathan Dances

Nathan usually goes pretty crazy at church during worship, he likes music. Lately we have realized that he is trying to dance.
Here is our crazy man... His two moves: jumping up and down, and shaking his head.

Locked out or locked in?

Nathan has found a new hobby. Our upstairs is weirdly enough the most babyproofed area of the house. I can let Nathan roam freely, which he does gladly, and not worry about him getting into too much trouble. Today I was sorting out the baby clothes that he has outgrown, which is always a sad task for me. Nathan was crawling around upstairs looking for things to distroy. I here a door slam, followed by a low whine. I found the bathroom door shut and the whine coming from behind it. I tried to open the door, but couldn't there was something (my child) sitting right behind it.
Nathan, you have to move. I try to open it again, still sitting right infront of the door. His cries got louder and eventually I just had to push the door open and move him out of the way at the same time.
He clearly didn't learn anything from this experience because not ten minutes later he did the same thing with our bedroom door.
I'm still trying to figure out if he is locking me out, or…

He stands!

We left for vacation a week ago with a baby that just learned to crawl. Now we have a very aggressive crawler. And a baby that wants grown up food and is protesting baby food. I am fine with this since making baby food adds one more thing to my life. He also learned to drink from a juice box, thanks to grandma.

Nathan has also decided standing is even better than crawling. He can now pull himself up onto almost everything.

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I forgot to write on fathers day. But we celebrated by taking the family to Flat Top Grill. Daniel got pictures of Nathan for his office and orange slices, his favorite.
It has been cool to see the relationship between Daniel and Nathan develop as he has gotten older. Right now, he is quite interested in everything that Daniel does. Like cutting his toe nails. Bonding at his finest.

Nathan also likes drumming on things with daddy. And his favorite is climbing in bed when daddy is sleeping and crawling all over him. No really, it is. he gets so excited that he usually can't crawl anywhere and just jumps up and down. He also likes grabbing daddies face and does so every chance he gets.
Daniel likes making Nathan clap. He also likes taking Nathan for walks around the yard to look at the landscaping. He also likes taking pictures of Nathan. Which is great because it's my goal to start making photo books.

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Every year the Peterson family (my mom's) gathers around the 4th of July. This year, Daniel had a ton of vacation days to use so we took off to Michigan for 11 days.
Nathan has been a great traveler, sleeping most of the time in the car.
Our backseat of our car is not condusive to those nice mirrors so you can see your baby, trust me I've tried several. So this is the set up we've been using. Nathan can see himself, and I can see him. In other news, we have graduated from the infant carrier. Nathan was just too big (almost 19lbs) for us to carry him in the carrier. He's still rear facing, but in a bigger seat. He likes it alot better, he can see out the windows.
I will miss you, infant carrier. You were awesome, Nathan slept in you nearly every day. And I could easily transport him from the car to the stroller without taking him out.

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