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Travel buddy

Nathan has been great on this family vacation. Especially in the car, he has behaved wonderfully.
On the drive to my parents Daniel and I were talking about what roadtrips were like when we were kids. How did our parents survive without the DVD player? With that, Daniel accepted the challenge of no movies for the 8 hour trip. Nathan made it and was great. It helps that he is talking and he got out of his "no sleeping in the car" phase. Nathan looked out the window and labeled everything be saw. Then took a nap. Then played with toys. Then we turned up the music and danced it out together. The most whining came during the last hour and Daniel amused him while I drove.
On the trip home Nathan was also great. He happily played and talked for the first 3.5 hours. Then, he got bored and I was too tired to put on an Elmo puppet show like Daniel does. So we let him watch Elmo until we stopped for dinner. After dinner we no sooner got on the highway and we heard him snoring in the ba…

High chair

Nathan modeling the family highchair at grandma Peterson's house.

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Proof that Nathan can sleep without a pacifier.

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A great day

I think Nathan had one of the best days of his life yesterday. He are at my parents visiting in Michigan. We spent the day at our families cottage on lake Michigan. Nathan got to roam free and play with trucks. He also got to play in the mud!
Nathan played happily until 10:00, then passed out in the car on the way to my grandparent's house.

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20 months old!

Heres all about Nathan this month!
Nathan is getting more and more fun! He is putting words together and developing his personality more and more. He is still a great sleeper, he sleeps 12 hours at night and usually takes a nap from 1-4pm.

Things Nathan likes:
Food: Nathan is still a pretty good eater. He prefers to snack alot he would like it I left bowls of food out for him to eat from all day. He loves pizza and asks for it every time I open the over door. He recently fell in love with my chicken lettuce wrap recipe, and ate more than Daniel at lunch one day. He is a meat and bread man. Nathan is hit or miss on fruit and he almost NEVER eats vegetables, except spinach salad which he eats happily with ranch dressing.

Pacifiers: Yep, we are still hanging on to the pacifier in our house. I just an not mentally ready to go through the process of getting rid of it. Next month! that's what I said last month.

Drums: Nathan still loves the drums and wants to be a drummer.



We beefed up our outdoor water play this weekend. Nathan had been content with a bucket of water and a cup. But I pulled out the wading pool and he's in love! We had been using the wading pool in our basement as a ball pit. But today we learned it has a built in sprinkler!

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Nathan insisted on wearing this headband the other day. He thought it was hilarious. And he kept taking it off and putting it back on.

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Baby #2 update

Oh yeah, we are having a second baby.  It is so true that you don't document nearly as much the second time around.  So far I haven't had much to document as this has to be one of the most uneventful pregnancies ever.  Not an ounce of morning sickness, nothing.  I have felt great the whole time.  I will probably even take a picture of my pregnant tummy eventually.
I just went the midwife so here is the latest updates:
23 weeks pregnant
Weight: gained 16 pounds so far.
Fundal measurement: measuring a week ahead at 24 weeks.
Other things to note:
This baby is a mover, I have felt him since 16 weeks and he moves all of the time.  Whenever I am sitting still, I feel him moving.  Daniel finally was able to feel him move two weeks ago. 
I use the bathroom all of the time.  I am not sure if he is in a different position than Nathan was, but my bathroom traffic level is pretty ridiculous. 
I have braxton hicks contraction frequently.  My midwife assured me that this is a joy of the …


Nathans great love is still being outside. He loves it! He only needs a bucket of water and he's happy for a good 30 minutes.

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