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I love that he lays down to concentrate while he's coloring.

Curtis orchard

I had a bunch of left over tokens from grandma for Curtis orchard, so I thought I'd be fun to take Nathan on some tractor/wagon rides. Then we got to the orchard and learned that they don't do wagon rides during the week. :( We stayed and played anyway.
I discovered the one thing Elijah doesn't like, the baby bjorn. He hated it. He fussed the whole time, then peed a bunch and wet my shirt. :( So we won't be trying this again for awhile.

Elijah is one week old

Wow Elijah is actually 11 days old as I write this. He is an extremely laid back baby. Thank you Jesus!
He really doesn't get upset. I think I've only really heard him cry twice...maybe? He kind of just whines when he wants something.
Baths-likes them
Carseat- loves it
Sleeping- loves it
Nursing- great nurser, but he's not an extremely hungry or demanding eater. He's also a really efficient little nurser
Wet or poopy diapers- he could care less
Cradle- he wasn't a big fan, until I figured out he had some gas. So we propped up one side of his mattress and he slept 5 hours straight last night.

And that's all there is to report.

Monticello orchard

My mom and I packed up the boys and headed to Monticello for garage sales (I inherited her obsession), trains, and a trip to the Monticello orchard.
My mom was looking for apple to bake with. This orchard was just our speed. The friendly owner greeted us and let us try all of the varieties. She also have us an interesting apple history lesson. Apples were originally for livestock and not for people to eat, it wasn't until the 1800's that people realized they were delicious. Thanks for that tidbit apple lady!


Elijah pretty much looks just like Nathan. Except, Elijah's hair is light brown with "highlights" as the nurses referred to them. Nathan had dark black hair that fell out and was replaced by his course blond hair today. Other than that, they look the same. I found these 2 similar pictures as proof.

Sibling love

Nathan loves his little brother....


How's breastfeeding going? Well this little guy just gained 12oz in 2 days! When it comes to being a baby Elijah pretty much rocks.

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Welcome Elijah!

Elijah Spence Goulet is here.
The birth was very very different than the first time. But I will say it still hurt like crazy. :)

I felt kind of nauseous and bad all day yesterday. I thought something was up. I went for a walk in the afternoon to try to encourage labor and started having Braxton hicks contractions. They didn't hurt at all so I knew they weren't the real thing. My mom made us dinner and I had her put Nathan to bed because I was just too tired to do anything.
Around 9:00 I started having contractions exactly 5 minutes apart. They were uncomfortable and not painful so I just used my labor iPhone app and tracks them but didn't say anything to Daniel or my mom. I wasn't sure I was in labor and I didn't want to get us all ready for nothing.
This is the part were I add in that I had many many sleepless nights with Nathan in false labor. So I wasn't wanting to go to the hospital until I was sure this was real.
I grabbed Daniel at 10:00 and has him go on …