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Pregnant Shirts

We went out for my friend Jenna's birthday a few weeks ago. (good times Jenna.) and each of us got a custom made t-shirt. Mine said "Bump" and Daniel's said "Bump Maker." We thought we were hilarious. Since then I have seen several pregnancy t-shirts that I would also agree are a good idea.

3rd Trimester

Wow, has time flown by. I can't believe that I am entering into the final leg of this journey.
There is some debate on the Internet exactly when the 3rd trimester starts. So I wanted to be sure that I had passed all of the markers before I declared. "I'm in my third trimester."

Kickin' it

Baby Goulet has a fun new hobby.... kicking rapid fire style. This started last week, and now has become a common occurrence. Baby Goulet just goes kind of crazy and kicks rapidly in the same spot for about 5 minutes straight, picture the girl from Flash dance running in place while dancing. The first time that it happened I, being over paranoid, thought that he was strangling on his cord and struggling to get free. My over-reaction was quickly gone when I kept feeling him afterwards.
I told Daniel this and he reminded me that even at his 12 week sonogram Baby Goulet moved his limbs rapidly and swam around like crazy.
I've begun to develop other theories about why Baby Goulet has now become a rapid kickster
- his feet get tangled up and he is trying to free them
- he has freakishly long legs and is trying to free them
- he is sending me Morse code
- it's not his feet I'm feeling, its his malformed finger length toes tapping on my stomach
- he's concerned about his weigh…

Evolution of a dress

So, about a year ago I found some great summer dresses at the GAP. They were stretchy and light for summer, and on sale. So I bought several in different colors. Little did I know at the time that these would become a staple for my wardrobe as my belly and weight have expanded this year.

This was last year at my nephew, Teddy's baptism.

Then came the first wedding of the year, I was 9 weeks in this picture.

This was, what I think is the last wedding of the summer. I am almost 28 weeks.

Future Mother of the Year

I was out for my daily walk today, it was nice and sunny. I stopped at a park half-way to go to the bathroom. Kids were running around everywhere and moms were chatting at picnic tables. The bathroom was nice and gross today, so I tried to get out of there as quickly as possible. As I went to leave, I pushed the door outward to exit. What I did not know was that a 4yr old blond boy decided that riding his bike around the restrooms sounded like a good idea. And just as I opened the door, he was behind it. THUNK. The door hit the boy and his bike knocking them both over into the grass. I stood over the 4yr old genius with a look of "what just happened." And he looked up at me from the grass with a look of "what just happened." I asked if he was ok, and he said yes. Then realizing that I was a crazy lady that must have been out to injure him, he quickly got back on his bike and started to ride away.
I looked to see if he had a parent nearby..... nope, no on…

Childbirth, Childbirth everywhere

We attended our first childbirth class last night, an event that neither Daniel or I was looking that forward to. I was hesitant for a few reasons, one being that the minute I put this on the calender THREE MONTHS AGO, other events happening on these specific Mondays have been coming up. Secondly, is that my husband has a condition that happens during every parenting type of class that we go to, lets call it "giggle-at-inappropriate-times disease." It's not that he is not interested in the topics, but for some reason the other parents in the classes that we go to are usually really reserved and quite. So we will sit in silence waiting for the class to begin, sit silently through the class and then leave. Daniel's response to this is to make jokes and laugh throughout the class.
Childbirth class has been no exception to this trend, and I joined him in the giggling this time. Although it hurt so bad to try to hold in my laughter, I began to have tears. All of th…

A hairy situation.

I have one hairy thigh today. Because I took a shower and I forgot to shave one. Pregnancy (ie: I forget what I am doing mid-task) brain as officially hit. It could be the forgetfulness, or it could be that I am preoccupied with looking at my belly button to try to figure out when it will officially be an outtie. But today it was that I was trying to figure out if I got a zit on my belly button! Right there on the little nub that used to be hidden in my belly button. I think it is one.... I can mainly prove it because I popped it (like you wouldn't). Since it's almost on outtie, the popping was not hard to do.
Pregnancy brain...yes. It always hits me in the shower, I can't tell you the number of times that I think I forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. Which means my unmanageable mane might not be from the prenatal vitamins.

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks along this week, and I had a midwife appointment today. Here are the updates:
Baby Heart rate: 152
Baby's position: sideways (hence why I always feel him kick on one side)
Belly measurement (not sure what the technical name is): 25 1/2 cm.
My weight gain: 13 pounds (Much more than I anticipated the scale saying. The midwife said that this is good and I am still right on track to gain under 30 pounds.)

We'll name him spud....

Well my appetite is back and in full force. I seem to be able to eat whatever I want, and enjoy it. Hooray!
Daniel and I have been on vacation for the past few weeks and while we were away we began to notice a new pattern in my eating. This pattern mainly includes potatoes and mayonnaise.
I don't know what it is but I can't get enough potatoes, I don't seem to care in what form that I eat them I just need at least 2 servings a day. Now excuse me while I turn into the BubbaGump of potatoes. Potato chips, french fries, baked, mashed, or hash browns I love them all.
And if you can combine potatoe with my other good friend mayonnaise it is a prize winning combination. This usually presents itself in the form of french fries dipped in mayonnaise. This dish made appearance so often while we were "babymooning" in Toronto that Daniel actually grew tired of watching me eat it.
Here's to the people of Idaho, and Hellman's...... and to 100 days left til baby …

365 days of marriage

To the father of my child,
Today is our one year anniversary. What a wonderful, and surprising year that it has been. I don't think that either of us could have imagined what this year would bring. And as I think back on our history I have alot to be thankful for.

I am thankful that my job made me come to Champaign, a place I would have never chosen on my own.
I am thankful that you were doing announcements on my first week in church, so I knew that I had to meet you. I am thankful that you were crazy enough to tell me how you could see us spending our life together, three dates into knowing each other.
I am thankful for eight months of dating, and eight months of almost no sleep. I am thankful that you took every part of our relationship seriously, whether it was saying I love you, or proposing I know that you had prayed about it and thought the decision through.
I am thankful that you told me when you were proposing, even though I know that you regret it. I am thankful for sabbath da…

24 weeks

We are at 24 weeks and counting. As a weird milestone "they" say that if I were to give birth right now, the baby would have a chance at survival. At a whopping one and a half pounds, I don't really think that Baby Goulet is ready for his entrance just yet.
In other developments, baby Goulet is a very active little guy. He moves around often throughout the day. During one of his dance routines today I could see my belly move as he kicked and punched me.