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Rainforest Cafe

This week for family day we had a sudden "emergency" that had us packing up the kids and driving to Chicago. Daniel had to go get a piece of equipment for his work. We didn't want to spend the day apart, that would defeat the purpose of "family day." So we packed up the kiddos and off we went. The boys were ok in the car. This was the first road trip with Nathan not wearing diapers, and he did great. While we were in the big city, we thought we'd at least do one fun thing with the kids and took them to Rainforest Cafe.

Rainforest Cafe is your typical theme restaurant: lots to look at, and high prices for just ok food. But the boys liked walking around and looking at everything. Rainforest is also very kid friendly so they encourage you to walk around and look while you wait for your food.

During our meal the lights went dim and a fake thunderstorm happened sending all of the fake animals into a tizzy. This in turn sent my children crying for mommy.…

Birthday Details

Two small kiddos, with seperate birthdays within a week of each other equals alot of fun, presents, and cake!

Last year right after I had Elijah, I said that I would always try to keep their birthdays seperate. Twelve sleep deprived months later and I have changed my tune. One really big party instead of two sounded like a great plan to me.

My parents were in town for the week to help with the celebration and the excessive present giving. They really spoiled our kids with attention and tons of gifts. Nathan still thinks there are gifts hidden in the guest room closet where they stayed.
Nathan decided month ago that he wanted a "jet party." NOT an airplane party people, a JET. I love making fun birthday cakes so I made his a special jet shaped cake. Nathan really used self control and only put his finger into the cake 3 times before people arrived. My mom found the idea to make the table into an airport on pinterest.

Elijah had his own cake. I was pretty surprised t…

Elijahs Top Ten: 8. He snuggles

Number 8 reason that Elijah is awesome: he's a snuggler.
Neither of my children are terribly cuddly kids, they are much to busy to sit on your lap for too long. But Elijah likes to bury his head into my shoulder when I am holding him. And if I give him any blanket he likes to hug you and the blanket, its pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Elijah's top ten: 5. Little brother

Number 5 reason Elijah is awesome: He's a great little brother
Elijah is a great little brother. He does everything one would expect a little brother to do. He copies what Nathan does. He waits for Nathan to build something before he destroys it. He finds the one toy car that Nathan loves and takes it. He follows Nathan around wherever he goes. When it comes to being a little brother, Elijah's really got his job description down.
In all seriousness, watching my boys interact is a great joy for me. And I love that Elijah already wants to be a drummer, because he sees Nathan drumming. He wants to play with cars because he sees Nathan love them. And I can't wait to see their relationship develop over the years.

Elijah's top ten: 6. Bath lover

Number 6 reason that Elijah is awesome: He LOVES the bath.
Elijah loves to take a bath. He loves it so much that he really doesn't need much more than water and some bubbles and he's good for a half an hour. Elijah loves to play with the water as it comes out of the faucet. He loves to splash in the water and drench the bathroom with water. He loves trying to stand up and sitting down fast to make a splash. And this is great because Elijah also has massive diaper explosions so he gets baths often.

Elijah's Top Ten: 9. Sleeping

Number 9 reason Elijah is awesome: he sleeps.
Now I am NOT going to brag on the internet about my good little sleeper, because that means I have a few bad sleeping nights ahead of me. But this little dude is a pretty good sleeper.
And I like to think that Elijah likes to share a room with his brother. It still makes me smile to hear the boys in their room at night "talking" as they fall asleep. Really, its sounds more like Elijah is yelling at Nathan. But either way, I love that he will never know life without having his brother sleeping near him.
We still use a napping room in our downstairs for naps. Elijah is usually up before Nathan at nap time because he still takes 2 naps a day. Although this week Nathan was the first one up several times, and I kind of missed my one on one time that I have with Elijah for that half hour in the afternoon.
Elijah is awesome because he sleeps. Way to go little buddy.

Top ten for Elijah

Elijah's first birthday is 10 days away. So I've decided to do a countdown of the top ten things that make this kid awesome!!
Number 10: he eats!!!
The number 10 brings to mind to me that he weaned himself of nursing at 10 months. He still takes bottles about 5 times a day. But this baby loves to eat!!! I think he eats twice what Nathan does on a daily basis. And he loves to try new things. I think the only thing he doesn't like are bananas. I think this is my fault as I kind of overdid the bananas for a couple of months there.

He's walking!

Elijah took his first official steps last night. He has been pushing things around our house since he was 10 months, so we foolishly thought he's e walking any day. Yesterday, he was finally ready. He took 5 whole steps on his own.