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He Sleeps

We have a break in teething, so my great sleeper is back. I am also really glad that when Nathan turned nine months he stopped crying at naps. I have always done the same routine with him at nap time: diaper, stories, sing a song, then place him in his crib. He usually needed to cry at least for a minute or two before falling asleep. There were times that I thought maybe we programmed him to need to cry before falling asleep. But the last couple weeks, I don't hear a peep. He doesn't go right to sleep, he needs to position himself on top of his fuzzy blanket first.
And nighttime, oh nighttime. Nathan rarely gets up at night any more. He got up once during the night for along time, but when he turned nine months it stopped. Now he sleeps 12-13 hours at a time, he wakes up really happy and so do I. :) Thank you God for a great sleeper. I am hoping that this continues, but I have a feeling that when he starts teething again things will change.

Big Guy

We went to Nathan's doctor for his 9 month check up (about 2 weeks late). Nathan weighed in at 19lbs, 15oz (almost hitting the 20 pounds mark). But what was impressive is that he is 30" long, 81 percentile.
Everything looked good, and Nathan didn't even cry for his shot. Lucky for him, his legs are the one part of his body that he has some cushion.

Seeds Family Worship

I am ALWAYS looking for great music for kids that is not annoying for adults. Seriously, I have gone through at least 25% of our libraries kids cd's. On another note, I wish there was a way to preview a cd at the library.
Anyway, I just found Seeds Family Worship. The words to the songs are scripture. So as kids learn the songs, they learn scripture. And surprisingly, they are not annoying. I am so excited!
They have 5 cds Seeds of faith, Seeds of praise, Seeds of encouragement, Seeds of purpose, Seeds of courage.

You can preview them at and they are on you tube,

My baby

Sometimes I think he's a little boy, then I see this and know he's still my baby. :)

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Nathan and I have been enjoying the awesome local swimming pool on a weekly basis this summer. They have a great kiddie pool. This week is the last week they are open on weekdays, so we'll have to find something else that wears him out. Nathan learned how to use the kiddie slide today. I showed him once and that was all he wanted to do after that. He crawled up the stairs on his own and had me help him slide. This goes right along with him thinking he is a two year old. I remind him frequently "you know you can't walk right?"

What I didn't document is that Nathan likes to sit on these little fountains so they shoot through his diaper.

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Ear protection

Warning: overprotective parent post follows :)
We take Nathan pretty much everywhere with us. And since alot of what we do has music at it, Nathan is around music alot also. He loves music. But I keep wondering if too much of something can be harmful. So I got Nathan his first set of ear muffs. I love how they make his cheeks pudgy. They kind of make him look like he's going to the rifle range, just needs some yellow tinted glasses.
He crawled on my lap and whined for me to take them off. Guess I'm going to have to keep trying.

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Nathan's new business

Nathan would like to offer his unfolding services to anyone that needs them. He prefers his payment to be in cheerios and juice.
If you need any clothes unfolded, he's your man. He'll have those clothes unfolded before you can say, "I'll be back in a minute."
And I know you are wondering, and yes, he will unfold clothes out of drawers too. It's kind of his specialty.
Please contact him if you need his services, just make sure you schedule around his 2 naps.

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