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Brotherly love

I am so thankful that the boys really like one another. I've always prayed that they would be best friends. I have to say that so far they are really close.


6 months old and still goes into "milk coma" after nursing sometimes.


There are some mornings that we wake up and the boys are both having challenging days. Days that require all of my attention at once. These days I think "this is going to be a long morning." Then I decide we either need to get out of the house, or figure out something to occupy Nathan.
Then there are the rare mornings like today, when each child decides they are happy. We've had a great morning in that Nathan has decided to fall in love with some old favorite toys again. It's really cute to watch his imagination develop. He just started really playing with his "little people" this week and making them talk.
Elijah is finally old enough to sit and play by himself. He's actually really strong, and great at balancing. If he falls, he falls backwards on to the boppy pillow. This is different from his brother who would fall forward and faceplant in the floor the minute you looked away.
This morning Nathan is playing with his trains. Elijah is jumping al…


I've even trying to get back to running lately. This sometimes means running with the boys, all 40 pounds of them!
I try to go when Nathan would normally eat a snack and need some downtime. This past week he decided to become my coach, telling me which way to go. It was really windy and I was DYING pushing them into the wind. Every time I would stop running Nathan would yell, "Run, mommy, run!"
In the picture below they are still in their pajamas. I decided to take them out first thing in the morning.

Hair dos

Nathan got a much needed haircut today. He was so excited to get his haircut by Miss Jen. He sat perfectly still the whole time, just like a big boy!

Elijah, on the other hand, is rocking the white blonde Mohawk lately.

Elijah 6 month update

Elijah is 6 months old!

Here's all about Elijah right now

Food: Elijah started solid food last month.  I dragged my feet and waited on this, but the little guy is hungry! We now eats about 3 times a day and he likes everything we have tried so far.

Rolling: Elijah learned how to roll last month.  The only problem with this is that he still hates to be on his belly.  Here's our pattern now: Elijah rolls onto his belly, Elijah screams and won't roll back over eventhough he can, I flip him back onto his back, Elijah waits about 10 seconds and then rolls back onto his belly.  Repeat this process about 25 times and it's a party. :)

Laughing: Elijah loves to laugh and I love to make him laugh.  He is really one of the happiest babies I have ever seen.  Even when I put him to bed he kind of just babbles himself to sleep.

Sleep: Elijah is still taking 3 naps a day right now: a one hour nap in early morning, a two hour nap in the late afternoon, and a two hour nap in the aftern…

He rolls!

Elijah decided that 5 1/2 months was a good time to start consistently rolling over. He likes to roll onto his belly ad kick and pretend he can go somewhere.

6 months old!

Elijah is six months old, and still the happiest baby ever!