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Nathan Updates

Here's whats up with Nathan lately
Nathan Loves: 1. Watching youtube toy reviews.  These are like watching paint dry to me, but he just loves them.   2. Playing Super Mario Brothers.  Lately he has really started to like playing the wii and specifically Super Mario Brothers.  3. Stories without pictures.  He have read several chapter books together, our favorites were the "Zappato Power" books.  He also likes stories that we make up and tell him.  4. Switch and Go Dinos.  He has slowly been collecting these car and dino combination toys and he loves them.  
Nathan Hates: 1. School.  Yep, I said it.  It has nothing to do with the school he attends 2 days a week.  He just hates being forced to listen and to learn.   Daniel picks him up from pre-kindergarten and he tells Daniel, "That was my last day of school ever."  2. Vegetables.  He hates vegetables and is beginning to catch onto my "grind vegetables up into everything" ways.   3. Homeschool.  Appar…

Elijah Updates

Here's some about Mr. Elijah as of late.

Elijah loves:
1. Being outside!  Every morning like clockwork he waits at the tops of the stairs for me to carry him down.  He sits on the couch and drinks a cup of juice while watching one show.  Then he goes to the backdoor, still in overnight diaper and pajamas and tells me "I want to go outside mom." He always wants to go outside before he eats any breakfast.
2. Naps. He might fight going down for a nap, but he LOVES his naps.  He never wants to wake up in the afternoon.
3. Physical touch.  This is still his top love language.  Elijah is almost 3 and still loves to be held.  He also loves to sit on laps and to wrestle. If you are sitting on the couch alone, you won't be for long with this guy around.

Elijah Hates:
1. Potty Training.  He just doesn't want to do it.  End of story.
2. Bedtime at night.  He stall and plays and goofs around sometimes for an hour after Nathan falls asleep.

Labor Day stuff...

I looked at the forecast yesterday and I was dreading Labor Day. It called for thunder storms and rain. But good news! Labor Day's weather turned out great. Well at least not terrible, it was hot but bearable.I road the boys to parade in their bike trailer. I realized that in about a month Nathan is going to be too big for this trailer :/ I'm working with him to get his legs stronger so he can ride his own bike. 
The boys loved the parade. They got tons of candy and Popsicles. 

We ended the morning by visiting one of our favorite parks.