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Pacifier weaning fail

Just as I an proud if Nathan for going the whole morning without pacifier, I go in his room and see this.

How'd he get that? My determined little friend is excellent at hiding things until he wants them later. Under blankets, in drawers, and in his pop up tent are the hot hiding spots.

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I was waiting until after our vacation to wean Nathan from his bottle and pacifier. I had him down to two bottles a day until vacation and teething and sickness almost destroyed us all. We caved and started giving him anything he wanted to temporarily end the constant crying and whining.
Here's the thing, Nathan LOVES his pacifier. He would keep it in his mouth while he eats and only remove it between bites if I let him. He's like a chain smoker of the pacifier world. And I loved the pacifier. Every since the fateful day when he cried all the way to Chicago and we discovered that the magic silence bullet, the pacifier has been our secret weapon of silence. It worked most of the time no matter what he was upset about. The pacifier made it all better.
I started only letting him have the pacifier during naps and bedtime. And I learned that I have one determined little bugger on my hands. He cried for an hour and pointed to where we keep the pacifiers (above the fridge). I finally …


Nathan is finally old enough and interested enough to start making art projects. This has been the new go to activity when I want to occupy him while I do something. Here is his first creation. He liked sticking tape to paper so much I think we are trying stickers this week.

Nathan coloring during "playpen time"

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Nathan is talking

Nathan all the sudden started talking. It's so fun. Somedays he talks alot, some he says almost nothing. He stills babbles alot and we just pretend we know what he is saying.
Words Nathan says (when he feels like it):
Mom, or Mama
BaBa (bottle, we are weaning so he asks for this about 80 times a day.)
Kight (Light)
Got it
Touch (Usually a response to us saying, "Nathan, No Touch")

Yep we still love baths

I was going to post of Nathan playing with his favorite bath toy, a big blue cup. But I couldn't keep it censored. Oh well, imagine him dumping water on himself about 100 times, this is bath time.

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Since it's new years resolution time I thought I would write out Nathan's for him.

Nathan Goulet's 2011 resolutions:
1. Learn to either go back to sleep after my pacifier falls out, or figure out how to get that pacifier off the floor and into my mouth.
2. Learn patience as my mommy makes my eggs. Every. Single. Morning.
3. Figure out how this thing works.

4. Stop "hitting the bottle" 4 times a day.
5. Write more songs beyond my favorites, "Da da a da da." and "Bitta bitta" (which my mom thinks is itsy bitsy spider)
6. More playing in the snow!!!

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