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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Gotta love matching outfits :)


My baby has learned to "ride" a bike. I'm not ready for this...

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I have a bunch of pictures and no post excuse to post them so here it goes.

1. Mommy I made a waterfall. (Toilet paper down the stairs and all the way through the house)

2. I'm trying to get rid of Elijah's morning nap. He fell asleep in his high chair at daycare.

3. My children are obsessed with taking the whole bag of chips and trying to finish it. It must be the whole bag, they don't want their own bowl. I found Nathan in the spare bedroom the other day finishing a bag of sun chips.

4. We still love the free horse rides at Meijer.

5. Elijah weighs 29 pounds and some nights I still have to cook with him in the baby bjorn. It's a sad situation.

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Physical love!

Have I mentioned both of my children have a similar love language...physical touch. Elijah has a slightly higher need to be touching someone at all times than Nathan.
This means in our house there is alot of holding, lap sitting, wrestling, tackling, and wrestling. At least once a day Daniel or I have to get down on the floor and just wrestle with these two or it's whiny town. The other night Daniel came home from work and the boys attacked him on the couch.

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The dynamic duo strikes again

My little dynamic duo was at it again this week. If looking at flashcards is fun, then spreading them everywhere to make sure we see them all is more fun! Nathan distributed to Elijah who spread them around the house.
I am thankful my children play together.
I am thankful my children play together. (Keep repeating).

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Family at the YMCA

Ha my title rhymes!
We took the boys to the YMCA for family day last week.  I think this is the first time that Elijah really went swimming.  To say that the boys loved swimming would be an understatement.  They LOVED LOVED swimming.
Elijah went right into the infinity edge pool and proceeded to try to climb over the wall to the deeper area right away.  Elijah has a dangerous combination of both confidence and bravery, you can't take your eyes off of him for a second!  Elijah loves to be held and pretend to swim, he also was quite fond of the stairs going into the pool.
Nathan really blew me away.  In the past, he has been hesistant when first getting into the pool.  This time, he jumped right in!  I used to teach swim lessons in high school so I went through what I could remember of the skills from level one swimming.  Surprisingly, Nathan could do everything I would have taught my level one "ducks."  Nathan will hold his breath and go under the water, he also can bob at …


Apparently I often take pictures of Elijah eating. That, or he's always eating....

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Touching touching

Elijah's number one love language right now is physical touch. He wants to be held, cuddled and to be touching someone at all times. While some of the time this is highly annoying to me because I have things to do. Most of the time his quirk right now is sweet.
Especially likes his morning cuddles. This morning he decided cuddling on the couch was not enough so he sat on my chest and would not move.

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