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First words

Nathan is a babbler. He talks constantly, though we have no idea what he is saying.
"da da" was his first word. He also says "mom" or "ma ma ma"
While we were at my parents, he started saying another word. I would say this is his first real labeling word. Nathan loved their fan/light combination. We have one in our house too but, grandma and papa's was very interesting. Nathan would point and say "kite." we later figured out that this meant "light." He has since said this a hundred times. Lights, fascinating.

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Oh routines

Nathan is generally a really easy kid to put to sleep. For the past couple of months he talks himself to sleep most nights. Sometimes Nathan loses (throws) his pacifier out of the crib or loses it in his sleep and wakes up crying. I know the cry now, it's the "come get my thing for me" cry.
When I here the cry I do the same thing everytime. I go in. Find the pacifier hidden on the floor. Put the pacifier back in his mouth. Lay him down. And walk out.
Tonight, we put Nathan to bed. About 20 minutes later I hear something banging upstairs. I learned later this is the sound of a small pacifier banging against a crib. Nathan saw me. Put his pacifier in. Quickly laid onto his belly. And pretended to be asleep.
Glad that he has learned the routine :)

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