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What he chooses to play with

The thought process of a 14 month old....
"Let's see.. Whats the most breakable or expensive thing in this room. Hmm. Oh, yes I think I'll play with this."

Did I mention we got iPhone 4's for Christmas?

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This is his thinking face

Nathan is trying to figure out how to get a baby bracelet off of his wrist.

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Nathan talking

I got a new iphone 4! Which menas I have a better video camera. Which means that I have pratty much been taping everything that Nathan does.
This is a video of Nathan looking at himself in the camera. He is talking about his favorite thing, lights. We love lights! or "kites."

Popye baby

Nathan hates vegetables. HATEs! He will find them and pick them out of most things I try to sneak them into.
All except for one vegetable....spinach. He loves spinach in any form. Raw spinach, creamed spinach, any kind of spinach. So I mix spinach into everything. It goes well in pasta and grilled cheese.
Here he is sharing my spinach salad with me.

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The buzz cut

Nathan has been blessed with a good, full head of hair. For that I am thankful. He has never been bald or patchy. But his BLONDE (where is this from?) hair is course and wavy and generally out of control. To me, even after we trim his hair he still looks shaggy like he needs a haircut.
This morning I decided to try the hair clippers instead of scissors hoping for an easy, even do. I used what I thought was the longest guard. And, well, I scalped him. I almost cried halfway through but I couldn't just stop and leave him only half buzzed.
I am really disappointed and I am disappointed in my reaction also. For some reason I think he is like Samson with some cuteness lying in his hair. But he is still my sweet, funny, rambunctious boy. Even if he now looks like he joined the military.

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