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I figured out that if I let Nathan play on my iPhone he climbs in my lap and cuddled with me. So now I bribe him with iPhone time in exchange for cuddle time. I have an almost 2 year old, I take what cuddle time I can get :) His idea of cuddle time is wrestling.

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Baby #2 - 36 weeks

Wow, where has this pregnancy gone?
I went to the midwife last week, everything looks great! Baby is in position and ready to come out.
The midwife guesses that the baby will be about the same size as Nathan (7 1/2 to 8 pounds), and says that he seems to be long.  Let's all act surprised at a long, skinny baby coming from me and my husband.
I'm still feeling great! This is wonderful considering I have an almost 2 year old that has a high need for his mommy right now.
The midwife shared that the baby was not just head down, but seems to have "dropped."  Then he shared that I should enjoy my last week of quiet, because the baby could come as early as next week.  Then I walked out of the office and cried because OH MY GOSH I'M HAVING A BABY!!! When did this happen???  I haven't unpacked anything, the room is not ready, I don't even have both the car seat bases in the car.
So...I've got some work to do.
I don't think that I am close to being done …

Early morning

This morning at 5am.
Nathan through the monitor,"bubba! Bubba! (Which means Sippy cup in our world.)"
Daniel: "what is that?"
Me:"ummm.... Your son."
Daniel:"he sounds like a man."
So I roll over and let Daniel take care of the little manly man.
The end.

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Nathan was fixing things at daycare today.

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Nathan still LOVES peaches. I'd say that peaches are taking a tie for favorite food along with Pizza. The problem is buying the peaches. When Nathan sees me put them in the cart he has a tantrum, he doesn't understand the whole "we need to pay for them first" thing. Even when I do remember to grab them last, he still scream while we wait in line.
This past week, I forgot and went to the produce section first. To stop the yelling, I bought one peach, washed it in the bathroom sink and gave it to him. He shopped happily for an hour, except for the peach juice that got everywhere :/ Notice the blanket in the photo, more on "ni-ni" later.

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Mr Potato Head

We got Mr.Potato Head dolls! I thought they were too old for Nathan, but he did great. He's got a knack for them :) here are his first creations.

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Shaving cream

This week we tried the classic preschool activity, shaving cream on the table. I just squished some shaving cream out, and gave Nathan some cars. He smelt pretty manly afterwards, but he had fun!

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Baby registry

Nathan and I went to target yesterday to register for baby #2. Daniel was out of town all week and the clock is ticking on my baby to do list. I wasn't going to register because we don't need much. But I realized that target gives you 20%(I think) off of whatever is left on your registry after baby is born. So it let's us get the few things we need (newborn diapers) for cheap.
I also was surprised that target gives you a reusable shopping baby when you register full of samples and coupons for baby products. And I love me a good coupon.
Nathan was really tired today because he stayed up to skype with Daniel the night before. This is what he looked like the whole time.

And there you have it. Even registering for baby #2 was all about Nathan.....

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Favorite food

Nathan's favorite food right now is still a whole peach. He loves peaches whole. Don't cut it for him. Don't help him. He hands me the pit when he's finished. It's awesome.

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Nathan has been cracking us up by immitating phrases that we say to him.  He only seems to repeat them one time, but it is still fun to have a little parrot in the house.
 Some key phrases.
"You slept in until 7:30!" Nathan: "Until 7:30!"
"I'm going to take a quick shower." Nathan: "Take a quick shower."
"Are you going to China?" Nathan: "Going to China."
"I hope you're not allergic." Nathan: "Not allergic."