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Elastic waist pants

One update that I forgot was that I made the transition to Maternity pants.

I've been wearing my regular pants and using Bella Bands. Which are an awesome invention that my friend lent to me. Its basically a tube top for your waist that covers up the fact the your jeans are unzipped and help together with a rubber band.

This worked for awhile. But then, I tried maternity jeans.
Here's the story of me buying maternity clothes: I had a left over gift certificate from our wedding to use and I didn't know what to buy with it. It was kind of weird to me to use it for this purpose, but it is what we need right now. Nothing like keeping the major life events on a close timeline.
When I tried them on, I learned that they are not just an elastic waist. Maternity jeans are made of 100 percent stretch fabric. They are the comfy sweat pant of the jean world. Sure they might have a fake zipper, but I can wear them all day and not race home and undo the multiple rubber bands extending the w…

15 weeks

So, below is my 15 weeks picture. Not alot of progress this week, but here's whats new.
- My stomach is rounder. Which means the baby is moving upward and forcing my organs up also.
- My stomach stays round when I lay down. Up until this week when I laid down to go to bed my stomach would look flat again. Not anymore.
- I have one week of being allowed to lay on my back left.
- My energy is back from the first trimester. This makes me very happy.
- I rota tilled my garden BY HAND (see above about energy being back). It is all ready to have things planted in it, if only it would stop raining so this could happen.
- Daniel and I are fighting with our basement. 3 days in a row of rain and now water is seeping through the cracks in the floor. Oh the joy of living in a 100 year old house (which we love, minus the basement).

15 weeks

14 weeks

So this is alittle late, but here is my belly at 14 weeks.

Things you should know about your father.

Since I have shared about me, I figured that I would share about your father. He was quite surprised to hear that you are coming into the world. But as reality has set in he is getting very excited to be a dad. So here are some things that you should know about your dad.
1. He is not a morning person. I am pretty sure that this will never change, he is not awake without two cups of coffee and a shower.
2. He is now officially the "nutrition police" of this pregnancy. He is very concerned with what I eat and that I have enough good nutrition (even though I have some inside sources that tend to give me chocolate and treats as needed :) ) Along these lines, I read that if I drink carrot juice everyday, that you will have a preference for carrots. So, maybe Daniel is on to something here.
3. He always wears a minimum of three layers of clothing (shirts that is). Even in the summer, he does not sweat, so he layers it up.
4. He sometimes has Germany relapses and will speak only in Ger…

Gas leak

I figure I should put this out there because it's something I have not really read about, but seem to experience everyday.

Pregnancy Gas

This is not normal gas, this is abundant and lethal. And don't try to hold it in, because you can't. There is so much bloat and pressure going on in my stomach that its got to go somewhere. It seems that everything that I eat comes out the other end in the form of gas.

Shameful story:
This happened several weeks back, but I was too ashamed to share it.
Daniel and were visiting friends and eating McDonald's one night, which was quite tasty may I add. We left our friends house awhile later, I was both full and as bloated as a Thanksgiving Day balloon. We got in Daniel's Saturn and started to drive down the street, when the pregnancy gas took over. I huge lingering cloud of McDonald's fart began to fill out car. Daniel, noticing the stench tried to roll down his window, but the window is broken and would not move. So, out o…

Week 13

I went to the midwife yesterday. She says that everything still looks good. She told me I can start lifting things again, as long as I'm not in pain.
I found out that I gained 4 pounds so far (no comments please!) I was "allowed" to gain 5 pounds in the first trimester, so I'm right on track.
I also got a cold yesterday. So its rest, liquids, and tylenol for me.

ONE!...its not the loneliest number....

We had our first ultrasound today. We saw a perfect little fetal swimming around like crazy. It is still strange to me that baby Goulet can be moving so much, but I can't feel him. Baby Goulet is expected to arrive on October 22nd, even though I think that he will arrive on October 21st.
HE.... yes I said he. The technician says that it looks like a boy, however we will need to wait a few more weeks to confirm.
I cannot tell you how relieved that I am that he is healthy and has strong heartbeat. Week 12 is a great week after all.

The short end of the pregnancy stick.

Week 12...
I was hoping that this week, would be a week of victory. This week marks the end of the first trimester, and the beginning of what I was hoping would be pregnant fun. I had grand dreams of my energy returning and my pregnancy symptoms leaving.
Well, those will just have to remain dreams.
I work up today with one of my now frequent migraines. And since I can take no medicine, Tylenol and bed rest it is! I have had migraines for about 2 years now. I found out from the midwife that migraines are hormonal and some pregnant women become migraine free for nine months, while others see their migraines increase.
Also, I have developed a piercing pain down my left leg. Which the trusty midwife assured me was pregnancy related. She told me no more lifting or moving things.
Oh, week 12..... you had so much promise. Maybe week 13 will be the turning point.