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Painting assistant

What's a great bathtub painter without an assistant?
Elijah likes when I only turn the water on alittle and he sits under it.

Elijah is 9 months old!

Elijah is 9 months old today! I can hardly believe it!
Turns out that 8 months brought alot of new developements for our little guy.

New Things
Teeth - Elijah finally got his first teeth.  He has his 2 bottom teeth as of right now.  There are 4 on top that are waiting to come in.
Moving - It seems like the day that he turned 8 months old Elijah started moving.  He caught onto crawling very easily.  He does the very traditional on his knees crawl unlike his brother.  But more than crawling, Elijah prefers standing.  He loves to have you hold his hands so he can walk.  I think he would let us walk him around everywhere if he could.  It seems he thinks he should skip the crawling step.
Feeding - This month Elijah and his pincher grasp got really coordinated.  He now feeds himself like the best of them.
Carseat - Elijah outgrew his infant carseat and is now in a convertible seat.  This makes things different when we are out and about.  I can no longer grab his seat and go.

Things Elijah …

Two wheeler

Our last day of vacation Nathan was determined to ride his cousins two wheel (with training wheels) bike. He spent the morning trying to learn to peddle. By the time our car was packed he could go by himself.
Thank goodness I got him his own bike a few months ago. Nathan has had a healthy obsession with his bike since we got home. He went around our block 8 times the other night.

Painting in the bathtub

Bathtub paint! Bubble bath + corn starch + food coloring
This made my dirty toddlers afternoon!
Thanks pinterest!