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Christmas tree 2011

Here's our christmas tree this year! Every year I go to the after Christmas sales and get ornaments for the next year. I forgot that I bought red ornaments to add to our normally all gold tree, and I was radiantly surprised to find them.
We also added Nathans geotrax railroad to the bottom of the tree.
P.s. I love kids in footsie pajamas.

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Fall fun

We have been loving the warm fall weather. Everyday that it's nice we try to spend some time outside.

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Brotherly love

2 boys just hanging out on the bathroom floor.

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Nathan's art this week

Since I'm trying to use this blog as a time capsule for my family, and because I hate paper, I decided to document Nathan's pictures.
Here is what he made in Sunday school, in daycare, and with Grandma. We are so blessed to have so many awesome people investing in our children. :)

Turkey craft from daycare

Drawing on big paper with grandma.

Painted a turkey with his fingers at daycare.

Memory verses from kids church.

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Nathan's hair has been out of control long. But I've had this whole "just had a new baby" thing going on. This past week we kept calling it the blond football helmet.
We took him to the fabulous miss Jen, who cut Daniel and my hair too. Nathan sat so nicely and watched everything she did. End result is a clean cut kid, who looks just like his dad.


Elijah, bless his heart, is the LOUDEST sleeper ever.  So having him in our room for the past 4 weeks has been lovely, but we haven't slept much.  Elijah has slept great, just Daniel and I have been miserable.
After we got our new video monitor I decided, since I can watch him, it was time to kick him out of our room.  I set up the pack and play with the bassinet insert and put it in the guest room.  I slept the first night in the room with him, but again I did not sleep thus defeating the purpose of having his own room.
Night number 2, he slept great! I really only get up one time here's our approximate schedule:
6:00 - Nurse
between 7:00 and 8:00 I feed him again (I'm trying "cluster feeding" before bed) then put him in bed
between 11 and 12- just as I'm about to go to bed I go in and wake him up and feed him again.  Because I am doing the cluster feeding he can go 4 hours or more in the first stretch.
Between 3:00 and 5:00 - Elijah wakes up on his own so…


I'm constantly surprise at what Nathan an say. Then I always think "did you learn that from me or daycare?"
Today he showed that he knows the names of jungle animals. He can label elephant, tiger, giraffe, and gorilla. I have no idea where he learned it.

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Play dough

The inevitable happened last night, Nathan tried eating play dough. He would put a piece of dough in his mouth, make a face, spit it out, then shout "it's good!"

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All cleared up

Thanks to Burt's bees, Elijah's skin has cleared up. It looks greasy in this picture, that's from the lotion.

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Elijah is one month old

Elijah is one month old.  Despite that fact that I have yet to write Nathan's 2 year update, I thought I would do this on time.

All about Elijah

The Good
Eating - he's a great eater, and usually only nurses 20 minutes total.  He's gaining weight and getting awesome rolls on his legs and arms.
Disposition - Elijah is still very laid back and likes most things.  He especially loves sleeping in his car seat, which is a huge answer to prayer for me!
The Cry - A good cry? Yes! Elijah has a sweet little grunty, whiny cry.  Rarely will he wail.  When he does loudly cry I know he really needs something, usually food.
Schedule - Elijah is great about spacing out his feedings.  He eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  He also has kind of naturally adapted to following the "eat, play, sleep" schedule that we do.
Cloth Diapers - I started using cloth diapers this week.  Elijah is a very heavy wetter, so these have been wonderful, even though they give him a large diaper butt.

The new monitor

Little Elijah sleeping in his playpen.
I have been wanting a video monitor ever since we transitioned Nathan to his big boy bed.  The idea of him having full freedom has me always wondering what he is doing in there.  But I don't dare go look in Nathan's room unless he is fully asleep because that causes a giant "mommy hold me" meltdown.  Then, we had Elijah who tricks me into thinking he is awake numerous times a night but at a quick glance I see he is sleeping soundly.  So I knew that we needed to be able to see the little children.
I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a baby monitor.  And I started thinking that since Daniel and I both have iPhones, why don't we use them as our monitor.  It would be one less thing to charge and haul around.  We also have an aluminum sided house, which means our traditional audio monitors do not work outside at all.  So when I go outside with Nathan I have to keep running back by the door to check on the baby.  And whi…


Nathan ate his first bowl of cereal this morning. I've been waiting until he had some spoon skills. Nathan loved it and was great with his spoon, except for at the end when he discovered that grabbing the cereal with his hand was faster.
Also ignore the crazy bread, I let him put peanut butter on it himself.


I've realized that I don't have very many pictures of Elijah. I've also figured out its cause he's always sleeping. When he's awake he's eating and I'm not going to take pictures of that.
So here's the sleepy boy.

Drumming lessons

Nathan's new hobby is to watch drum tutorials on you tube and try to play along. Cause watching bob the builder would be so boring....

Peanut butter kisses

And yes he tried to kiss his mother with this mouth :)

Bath time

Nathan really likes having a little brother. He likes that he now has a built in audience even more. Nathan often requests,"baby sit. Watch". So of course there was much excitement around being able to have bath time at the same time.

3 weeks old!

Elijah is 3 weeks old! Which means its time to try a bottle for the first time. I can taste the freedom!
Elijah took his first bottle great and finished the whole thing in about 5 minutes. He's so laid back, that I expected this would be uneventful. Still it's a relief to know that someone else can feed the little guy.

Pony ride

Thank goodness or the free pony ride at Meijer. This was Nathan's reward for being good in the store. As you can see he was thrilled :/