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My digital mommy helper

So I recently have recommended a website to several people that are expecting so I thought I would share it with the rest of the Internet.

The blog is called "Chronicles of a babywise mom." The mom doesn't just follow babywise, she uses a bunch of books and takes what she considers the best of each of them. But what I like the most about this blog is that she writes a "baby summary" every week of her third babies life. There have been several times when I didn't know how to run our daily schedule or wondered what was next for Nathan. So I would just go the week that Nathan was on and copy what she does. For the most part this worked.

A Moms gotta do, what a Moms gotta do.

Last weekend we had a full day at church. Nathan is really used to going with us everywhere. And I thought I had gotten good about planning ahead for the day, and loading our diaper bag with extras of everything we need.
We decided on a whim to go out to dinner. Alright, I thought, knowing that I had extra baby food in our diaper bag. I felt confidently prepared.
Then at dinner Nathan began to do his all knowing grunt. His face turned red and he started concentrating on filling his diaper the best that he could. After seeing this I realized that I had used all of the cloth diapers that I had packed for the day. Great, now what are we going to do.
Then in a moment of brilliance, I found one left over newborn size diaper in the bottom of the diaper bag. So I plopped the huge turd that Nathan deposited in his diaper into the toilet. Then I put the newborn diaper inside the dirty cloth diaper like a liner and I put it back on him. Granted this only had to last up a short time before we go…

6 Months Old

Here is all about Nathan this month....

Things Nathan Loves

1. FOOD! Nathan loves eating. This kid LOVES bananas. And he is a big eater. He would eat a whole banana if I let him. And I did...once.

2. Anything that he can hit. I am currently searching for a set of baby bongos.

3. Sitting Up. Nathan no longer likes to lounge on the ground, he wants to sit up and see the world. I love seeing him sitting up surrounded by toys and playing. He still looks like he's working. He picks up a toy, inspects every inch of it to see if it changed from the last time he played with it then moves on to the next. He will sit and play for a long time. He still needs to have a pillow behind him due to the occasional spill.

4. Singing. This is my new distraction whenever he is fussy I sing everything I can think of to him and he stops. We also have a cereal song that we sing during breakfast, this makes Nathan smile and open his mouth for food.

5. Getting tickled before bed. Every night as…

6 months old

Nathan is 6 months old today. To celebrate he got a new toy for babies 6 months and up. He of course took his time to inspect the whole package. He is currently figuring out how everything on the toy works. My little engineer in training.

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Life is challenging in the Goulet house this week.
1. I am sick, AGAIN. This is the 3rd time this year. I got the throw ups followed by a fever. I'm typing from bed, I've been sleeping all afternoon.
2. Nathan has decided that "breast is best." he only wants me and not his bottle. I'm not sure what caused this. He has never had a preference, hes taken a bottle just fine in the past. And we fed him consistantly 4 or so times a week. Now he strikes a hunger protest everytime I leave him. He'll go 8 hours without eating much, he will take an ounce or so but thats it. He just chews on the bottle nipple. I've tried every kind, every flow. Nothing seems to work. I've even tried a Nuby sippy cup, and a regular cup. I tried teaching him to use a straw. The kid wants milk straight from me.
Moms out there, any help????

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Sleeping patterns.

I am blessed that Nathan is still an awesome sleeper. He is also getting better and better about putting himself to sleep. He also wakes up in the morning really happy. We hear him through the monitor squelling and talking. And I can't help thinking through my sleepiness, "He's being adorable, maybe I can sleep a few more minutes." But as he has gotten more and more mobile I never know where in his crib he is going to be.

One morning I found him like this.

And this morning this is how I found him.


My job as mom get grosser by the day. I never really know what bodily fluid I am going to deal with on any given day. And the old adage, "When it's your kid, it will be different." Is not true for me. I still find alot of things gross.
This morning I was giving Nathan a bath, when I noticed something different in the tub. There was a floater, Nathan pooped in his bath. I am actually quite lucky in that he's almost 6 months old and this is the first time this has happened. Nathan looked quite pleased with himself. Daniel came in to inspect his handywork. Daniel then felt the need to congradulate Natha commenting, "Wow, thats pretty big." And Nathan just looked at us like, "What?"
So then I had to fish the turds out and refill the tub. Needless to say, Nathan is especially clean today.


I thought it would be a great idea to try to teach Nathan to say "dada" while Daniel was away. So all day for a week I kept saying "dada" to him. The whole time that Daniel was away, I got the same babbles that I always got. Then Daniel came home, and good news Nathan can say "dada." And he now says "dada" all day long. He doesn't know what he is saying, but he knows that it gets a response from people.
Here he is showing off his talent, his excessive jumping skills, and his liberal amount of drool.