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Elijah the gruff

When Nathan was a baby we called him "old yeller" because he yelled all of the time. the yelling continues to this day.  Elijah is slightly more subtle, he likes to growl.  At first I thought he was congested, but he has been growling for months now and it still sounds the same.  Here is evidence of his skills.

5 months old

Elijah's 5 months old!


I finally dug out a bunch of the good baby toys for Elijah this week. Elijah actually has pretty good eye hand coordination, so I figure it's time to use it. Of course, Nathan all of the sudden found toys designed for a 6 month old to be the most interesting toys he's ever seen. He put all the baby toys in a pile and declared them, "mine!"
Later that day he also decided to claim something else as his.....the jumperoo.