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Drummer boy

I found Nathan this morning in the hamper cubbyhole in the laundry room. He was drumming on a paint can using q-tips as drum sticks.

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Baby Boy #2 - 32 week sonogram

I had my 32 weeks sonogram last week to check on baby #2.  He got to see his little face! He has a little button nose and HUGE lips.  I am thinking it was the ultrasound making things look weird, but this baby might just have the lips of Angelina Jolie.  He also has just a little hair.
They estimate that baby #2 weighs 4 pounds right now and will be around 8 pounds at birth.  He is head down, hopefully he will stay that way.
Then I had an appointment with the doctor that delivered Nathan to talk about VBAC or C-section options.  She said that everything looks great to try a VBAC (my preference).  As long as the baby stays head down, she thinks that everything should be great for a nice natural birth.  Hooray!
Now I just need to focus on getting our house ready for a new baby again.  Thankfully everything from Nathan has been stored in my basement and just needs to be washed and put out.  I am planning a slight remodel of the boys room (formerly Nathan's room).   I never went all…

Toddler Bed

Its been 3 weeks, and now I can say that Nathan is officially transitioned to his toddler bed! I was dreading the transition, but when my mom brought the bed to our house and set it up he wanted to sleep in it.  We did have a relapse where he wanted to sleep in the crib, but we are back in the bed.
Nathan surprisingly has not gotten out and destroyed his room.  For nap time, when I lay him in his bed he always asks to go "in there (points to crib)." But he concedes to stay in his bed.  When he wakes up from his nap, he is still the grumpiest child ever, but he stays in the bad and cries for me to come get him and hold him while he wakes up.
At nighttime he sings to himself when he falls asleep.  This week, in the morning (around 6:45) he gets up, turns on the light, and plays in his room.  This morning he played an exciting game of "put all of my toys in my bed." I love that we finally got a video monitor.
I do wish that our toddler bed had better guardrails, whe…

32 weeks!

Tomorrow I am 2 months away from having baby #2.  Wow that seems crazy.  I realized I've pretty much not documented this pregnancy at all.  This pregnancy actually hasn't had much to write about, its been really uneventful (that's a great thing).
Here's all about baby so far:
Cravings: spicy/mexican
Symptoms:  I'm mainly just tired.  I found out half way through this pregnancy that I am anemic, so as long as I take my vitamins I feel great.  Really, my iron pills give me the same effect as caffeine.  I also have a 20 month old and a job this time around, so I think the tiredness is expected. 
About baby: Baby boy #2 is a kicker.  I felt him move really early and he is still a mover and a shaker.  Really, he moves around all the time.  He is especially active at night. 
Nathan: Nathan finally is starting to understand that my belly is growing.  If you ask him where the baby is he touches my belly.  As an added bonus, he thinks that my belly makes a great step to st…

My bike!

We love our bike! I was so glad the weather cooled down this week so we could ride our bike again. Our church is 1.3 miles from our house, so the perfect distane to ride to while pulling 26 pounds in a trailer behind you :) Nathan has fallen asleep the past 2 rides home.

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I'm pretty compulsive about doing some time of activity with Nathan everyday. I made little montesorri boxes of activities that he can do on his own for when I need him occupied on his own. Alot of days we go through flashcards together or make something. Last week grandma spence came to visit and now I see why I am the way I am. Grandma did an outing and an activity with him everyday. One of the new activities she brought with was play dough. I thought for sure that he wouldn't understand what play dough was. Much to my surprise, he loves it! He doesn't try to eat it at all. Nathan just runs his cars through the dough and likes me to flatten the play dough out so he can put cookie cutters in it.
This was really fun, he even played by himself for a half hour while I made dinner.

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The park

Tonight we picked up daniel from work, and made the executive decision to have a family play time at the park.
Nathan went down the big slide by himself. Then he walked around and copied all of the bigger kids.

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