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Nathan began speaking in phrases this past month. At first it was just 2 words, "Hi Dada", "Hi Mama" or "that's Dada." But lately he has gotten more creative. This past Sunday he started saying "I don't know." And he'll frequently say "I don't know Mama." This is a welcome alternative to his standard, "No" to every question I ask him.

Thus weekend he changed things up and added "I need" to the list. "I need baba (which is a sippy cup)." He sounds kind of desperate when he says this because we emphasizes NEED. We went garage saling and he found a bike he liked. He immediately launched into "I NEED bike." I bought him the $2 wonder of a bike. All the way home I heard "I NEED bike." over and over.


This week Nathan has turned into "my little lover" as I call him.  He had decided to be really affectionate toward me and Daniel.  Nathan reaches out for hugs fifty times a day.  He doesn't want to be picked up, just a hug.  Nathan has also learned to kiss.  But he doesn't just like to kiss me on the cheek.  He tries to kiss me and I turn my head, then turn the other way and he tries again.  Then he usually grabs my face so he can kiss my lips.  Normally I wouldn't mind this gesture. but Nathan has allergies that equals a constant runny nose. Thank you son for the snotty kiss.

He's 19 months old and the world didn't end.

Nathan turned 19 months old!! and it was on the day that we were all supposed to be raptured. 
Not much time for an update right now, but here are his stats.
Height : 33 1/2 inches (80%)
Weight: 24lbs (25%)

So he's tall and skinny.  Let's look at his daddy and all act surprised.

Drive In

We took Nathan to his first drive in movie on Friday and would you believe, I forgot to take any pictures. 
The weather we horrible, cold and rainy.  And Nathan was great.  He played in the car pretending to drive while we waited for the movie to start.  I assumed that when the movie started he would sit with me and fall asleep.  WRONG.  Nathan laid on my lap and cuddled under a blanket for 2 hours and did not fall asleep.  Every time I thought he was asleep he would start talking about something.  I couldn't believe he stayed awake and watched the whole movie.  To his credit, he did behave really well and just stayed on my lap.

Missing you

We left Nathan Sunday for 9 days alone. I know he is enjoying the time with his grandparents. But it's day 4 and I officially miss this face.

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