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Here I am in week 11. I am starting to feel alittle better, just really tired. There is an undeniable bump in my belly, its a hard bump not really squishy at all.
On Sunday I had a woman say that when she looked at my stomach she saw the number two. Then another woman mentioned me having twins. Finally, our dear friend Arlene said that she had a hunch that we are having a boy AND a girl. These events, coupled with the fact the my uterus is larger than it should be, have made the think..... could there be two?
We will find out on April 10th.....

The bump at 9 weeks.

So I pretty much at the point, were when I get dressed each day I say that chant, "please fit, please fit, please fit." Who knew that the 2 pounds I have gained would be so dramatic? I think its because I am gaining weight in places that I have never before.
Anyway, Daniel and I went to a wedding this weekend. I was nice and bloated so I decided to wear a dress that I thought would cover, but not emphasize my stomach. However, the emphasis happened. Pictures are below.

Pregnant Women... blank, blank, blank

We have a new language in our household. It comes from far away in the land of baby. It is the underlying theme in most conversations. And it is the direction that most conversations end in. This is talking about the baby, baby items, child rearing, child naming (HA), child birthing, and pregnancy.
It is interesting how our lives have shifted to this. For instance, Daniel asking "How are you doing?" or "How are you?" is now heard in my mind as "How are you feeling you human incubator?" So this question that used to be answered by me sharing my feelings is now answered with a run down of the physical ailments that I have that day.
I also have a new way to justify anything that I would like. And this is the phrase, "Pregnant women... blank, blank, blank." I just take a want or a need and I begin it with "Pregnant women." For example, if I would like seconds on dessert (or any food item for that matter). I just simply say "Pregnant wom…


Things that I am grateful for.
1. Thank God that you, baby Goulet, have a heartbeat starting this week.
2. That you are healthy and strong and you are growing to be 3/4 of an inch long this week. Therefore, your father can stop calling you "pebble." You are now more of a rock.
3. That I have not puked yet. (though we have had a few close calls)
4. That I don't have a job. I am so thankful that I can just take time to enjoy being pregnant and preparing for baby Goulet to come and I don't have to worry about the stress of work.
5. I am thankful that the shock has worn off. I am really realizing how good God is, and that this is VERY exciting for us to be having our first baby.
6. I am thankful that there are thousands and thousands of baby names available to choose from. Because Daniel and I can't seem to agree on many.