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When Daddy's away

Daniel has been away on a 10 day mission trip. That's right 10 days! of single parenthood for me. Having him gone has made me really appreciate how much he helps with Nathan. It has been really tiring to have to do all of the feedings, and all of the diapers. But what I didn't realize is the freedom that having Daniel around brings. Our gym won't take babies in the childcare until they are 6 months old, so I either get up before Nathan or wait until his first nap and leave he and Daniel at home. Daniel also watches Nathan every Monday, it's his day off and it always seems to be the day that Nathan decides to sleep all day. Hmmm...coincidence? And just to run out to the store at night, oh how I miss being able to leave sleeping Nathan and go to the store!

Anyway, I can't wait until Daniel gets home. I dressed Nathan in his Florida Gator garb the other day in honor of his father's alma mater.

Clean up

Nathan has always loved baths. But now since he is eating food he has two more opportunities a day for some good, clean fun :) Nathan actually likes getting cleaned up after he eats. And I keep just encouraging this. His new favorite thing to do is to grab the washcloth from me and wipe it on his face. Not going to lie, he sucks on the washcloth too.

Umm num num.

We are EATING! Nathan is eating solid food, and he LOVES it.

We started with rice cereal per the doctors instructions. She said to start giving him as much as he wants for dinner. Then we added a lunchtime feeding. Now Nathan eats twice a day and is starting solid food because he loves to eat. He gets really excited when he eats and flails his little arms around and smiles, its really cute. I usually can't feed him fast enough, by the time I have more food on the spoon he is ready for more.
We started with Avocado. I read that this is a good first food. Did you know that a human can live on only avocado, it has all the nutrients that you need. Nathan was not a huge fan to start. When I tried it mixed with some cereal he liked it better.
A few days later we tried bananas, and Nathan fell in love. He will eat a whole banana if I let him. I decided to make his food, meaning I smash it up with a fork. Gourmet I know. I also like that when we are out and about I just keep a banana in the …

Too much information....

Nathan had a "first" this month.... his first real bowel movement. Why does this matter you ask? Because we use cloth diapers and some cloth wipes in our house. So I am intimately aware of Nathan's bowel habits. But We (meaning me) love our diapers.
I mainly use Bum Genius Organic diapers. I was not so interested in the fact that they are made with organic cotton as I was in the fact that you do not have to stuff them with liners and yet they dry quickly. We have the kind with snaps and they are great.
Up until this week cloth diapers have really been no big deal, breast milk fed only babies have liquidy excrement so I just through all the diapers into the wash and don't have to touch anything.

But now with our more solid developments I am having to rinse them in the toilet for the first time. I have a designated pair of kitchen gloves in the bathroom for this purpose. And this is making my love for cloth diapers waiver alittle. We are going to continue to use them, I…

This kids got talent

I've been very proud of Nathan that he is typically not a baby that spits up alot. I am increasingly thankful for this, because I find it gross.
But today we were playing and Nathan laughed at the same time that he spit up, and instead of coming out of his mouth the spit up came out of his nose. Don't worry, my shirt was there to catch it.

An update on our wellness

Have I mentioned that we've been sick? This face encompasses how we've been feeling.

Can you see my boogers?

Well, we are on the mend. We are starting to feel better.

And this is good news.

Still sick

First time mom moment.....
Having a sick kid stinks. It is possibly worse than being sick yourself. Yes it is worse than being sick yourself. With a sick child, you are dealing with the grossness of the sickness (snot, coughs, mucus, watery eyes), yet you are not the sick one so you can't stay in bed all day. Cause let's be real, after four months of sleep deprivation that is all that I want to do, stay in bed all day.
But you can't stay in bed, you have to obsessively check on your child when they are sleeping. And how can you sleep when there is so much to google. I have googled every symptom Nathan has. And I have tried almost everything to make his cough stop.
Like last night at 2am when he couldn't stop coughing, Dr.Internet told me to try to steam up a bathroom. So we went in the bathroom and turned the shower on hot. Only Nathan heard the shower and remembered that he loves showers and baths. So instead of getting relaxed and sleepy he just kept looki…

Sick :(

Nathan is sick again... boo for the infant immune system. He got a cough yesterday and it seems as though it is here to stay. This add to his constant on again, off again runny nose. So its stay home as much as we can, humidifier, and rest for us. Nathan is such a little trooper, he just gets really cuddly when he doesn't feel well. I am going to hold off a few days before I call the pediatrician AGAIN. I now know how true it is that you will call your pediatrician often, I think I am averaging a call every other week at this point.


I am sometimes iffy about the clothes that I dress Nathan in. I think many baby boy clothes look like girls. And I LOVE boy clothes that look like miniature mens' clothes. This outfit is not one of them. It came in the latest shipment from Grandma Spence, THANK YOU. This frog embroidered on the booty totally made the outfit.
My caption is, "Who says only sorority girls can have printing on the butt of their sweatpants."

"hello ladies"

New skill

Nathan learned another new skill this past weekend... he learned how to spit. This is cute until he has a mouth full of cereal and sprays it everywhere.