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Since Nathan has all of 2 teeth. And since, he has a bottomless stomach. We started giving him some actual food. Little yogurt puffs, they went ok. Banana, went ok. But Cheerios...We have a winner. I break them up to little pieces, but Nathan loves the little O's.

Just playin

We were outside taping a promo video for church today. Here is Nathan, just playin in the grass.

Pool time!

We went to the pool today. They have an awesome lazy river and nice shallow water to splash in. We had a great time.

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Gone Fishin'

We had our annual church volunteer appreciation picnic. There were bounce houses, cotton candy, and lots of food. And lots of people to love on Nathan. It was cloudy, but I decided to dress him in this fisher man's hat anyway. He looks like a little old man to me...if old men NEEDED to have a pacifier in their mouth all the time that is.

Child Dedication

We dedicated Nathan in church this past weekend.
Here are the highlights.

Happy me

My birthday was this past weekend. It was great fun. My parents came to visit. Which means they stared at Nathan for 4 days, unloaded a bunch of loud battery operated toys, and then left. (Just kidding, mom and dad.) It was really great having them here. We had a birthday party for me Saturday night. Nathan enjoyed the birthday fun also.