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"look at that thing"

This is it people, it is almost the month of October. Baby Goulet could arrive any day, as I am reminded by my false labor. I have the hospital bag packed, the car seat set, and the cradle is made.
The "biggest" development as of late (get this pun), is that my belly has exploded. All of my fears of not being big enough have stopped. Daniel and I routinely look at my belly and say "look at that thing!" Daniel calls it "the torpedo" because it shoots straight out in front of me.

Bun in the Oven

I love themes. I don't know why, but if a party involves everyone dressing up it just seems more fun to me. I have already thought of a family Halloween costume for the three of us. I have even caved and bought my first piece of NEW baby clothing the other week. I got the idea to have our new "family" where matching outfits home from the hospital. I figure that it will set the tone for baby Goulet by dressing him up right away. And I also figure that I need to take every chance that I can to dress him up before he's old enough to rebel against it.
Because of my love of themes, I was quite excited for this past weekend. Our friend Arlene had a birthday party, the theme was "puns" so everyone dressed as a saying. I went as "a bun in the oven", appropriate I know.

One, two, can't buckle my shoe.

In a word, I think I would call pregnancy restricting. It seems as though pregnant women don't gain alot as far as what they can now do since they are pregnant. However, the list of things that one cannot do continually grows. Some recent restrictions that have entered my life are.... 1. I can't walk in a straight line. I am not sure why this is, maybe my equilibrium is off. But when Daniel and I walk together at night I just keep walking into him. 2. I can't walk, I waddle. There were times in the past that I would see pregnant women waddling and I thought that they were over-exaggerating. So if I had any sense of judgement in those moments, I am living with the backlash from that. I have officially started waddling. I didn't think that I waddled until the other day someone pointed out how "cute" it was. I can't do anything about it. 3. I can't put on shoes, or at least complicated ones. My belly is finally big enough that I can't reach m…