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Super baby

Grandma got Elijah some superman pajamas and they just kill me. Everything he does while
Wearing these is funny!

This morning super baby needed a pacifier to help soothe him.

I tried to take Nathan's picture and he told me, "give me some space." Good morning to you too buddy.

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The double hold

Daniel and I have now perfected the two child double hold for our children. Thankfully they almost weigh the same amount so the holder is not lopsided. Here Daniel and the boys are exiting the church last week. This is th same hold that I have to use every morning as I carry them downstairs for breakfast.

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The. 6:00 hour

Every night around 6:00 my children go crazy. We're talking screaming, squeeling, running and jumping. The only cure for this condition is to be wrestled or tickled. Nathan yells for the "tickle monster" aka:Daniel to come get him. And Elijah yells until someone wrestles with him.
Nathan discovered how to open my iphone and take pictures so we now have documentation of the crazy in action. Here we are trying to keep it together. I'm being attacked by a physical touch loving 18 month old.

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Nap time stalling

Nathan has pretty much stopped taking an afternoon nap.  He's tired and needs to rest, but he's gotten very good and keeping himself awake.  I still have him stay in his room for an hour and half and play by himself, he usually happily plays but some days he gets creative in stalling going to his room
Here's his favorite stalling techniques

1. Ask questions:
   - Mom! Why doesn't my puppy talk?
   - Mom! Why does this guys face look like that?

2. Start an argument:
   - Nathan tried to start a fight with me for ten minutes the other day over what his middle name was.
        - My middle name is not Daniel.  My name is Nathan!! Mom! What's my middle name?

3. Pretend you have a health crisis:
    - Mom! I need lotion
    - Mom! I need a bandaid
    - Mom! I see blood! (there was no blood, it was a hang nail)

4. Pull on the heartstrings:  If using the heart string technique, make sure you look at mom in face and show her your pouty lip.
   - Mom, let's cuddle.