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Still obsessed with this wipe off board, Elijah thought it most efficient to drink his morning bottle while going through is to do list for the day. Efficient little man.

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All about Elijah lately

Nathan is on a picture taking strike right now. So here's what Elijah likes lately.

1. Eating markers. Apparently they taste great! Note to mom: only buy nontoxic markers.

2. Still loves his pacifier.

3. He really likes to color, he usually uses his left hand.

4. He plays with everything he can. If its not made for babies it has extra appeal. Yes, that's a rope.

5. Elijah eats! Everything!

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Finger painting!

We did finger painting today! Elijah loved it!

And Nathan painted very nicely.

Then Elijah the Wildman couldn't help himself and decided if finger painting was good, full body painting was even better.

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Library fun!

I took the boys to the library this weekend. Elijah loves stacking things and Nathan likes telling what other kids are doing :) I mean Nathan loves the train table.

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If you don't succeed

"If you don't succeed, try, try, again."  I think this is Elijah's motto for life.  This little 14 month old is DETERMINED.  He was determined to learn how to go downstairs.  Even though he took a few spills, he finally taught himself.  Yes, he gets frustrated, but he will not give up.  Of course this works against me when he is told "no."  But really I love this about him.
The other night he was determined to put this bucket on his head during bath time.  It took him 20 minutes to figure out how to put it on and make it stay.  But in the end he did it!

Pooping stories continued

Since I use this blog to mark the milestones and fond memories of my children, I figure I have to keep the poop stories coming. This could be worse, I could be documenting the poop stories with photos. It's been 2 weeks and he is still naming his poop.
This weeks highlights:
"Mom! I pooped and h!" And it did in fact look like a lowercase h. I commended him on his letter recognition.
"It's a lion poop because he said roar when I pooped him."
"It's a Lightning McQueen poop! Cause it's got a spoiler on it."
"It's a dolphin poop! He's swimming in the water that's my pee!"
Nathan: "It's a prince poop. Can I have a chocolate for going poop?"
Me: "I don't think so."
Nathan, TALKS TO HIS POOP: "Do you think I should get a chocolate? Mom! He says yes."
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