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Elijah loves Legos!

Want to see my one year old squeal with glee? Building him a Lego tower.
Elijah loves Legos! I loves when I build for him and he gets to tear it apart. He also loves trying to building for himself.

This is almost as fun as looking at yourself in mommy's iPhone.


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My favorite book!

The biggest surprise for me this Christmas was from my brother who have me this book.

This book is a collection of stories by Virginia Lee Burton and contains the story of "Katy and the Big Snow." This was my FAVORITE story as a child. We called it "Katy the snowplow."

Turns out that this book was kind of hard to find. Virginia Burton wrote these stories in the 1930's for her own children.

I've read most of the stories to Nathan and he loves them :)

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Warning....this post is about poop.  Going #2.

At three years and two months I think I can say that Nathan is totally potty trained.  He understood peeing in the potty months ago.  But only this past month has he really understood how to poop on the potty.

The past two weeks Nathan has taken a new interest in what his poop looks like.  It began one day when he pooped on the potty during naptime.  He yelled for me to come help him.  When I got to the bathroom Nathan described his poop to me, "It's a daddy poop and a baby poop." He continued making up a story all about his poop.  The daddy poop couldn't wear pants because he didn't have legs.

Since this initial story, Nathan has taken great pleasure in naming his poop.  He finishes pooping, then studies the turds.  He then declares what kind of poop and why.

"That's fairy poop, because it flied right out."
"It's monster poop, cause it scared me."
"It's snake poop."

How to make your children disappear...

I intentionally did not put out some Christmas gifts for the boys on Christmas. I figured since we are home all week together it would be nice to space out some toys.
Today, was an early morning. My kids normally are good about sleeping until 7:00, but today was not a sleep in day I guess. I get up early and work out, so it's not like I wasn't awake. But I kind of just wanted to be left alone for a few minutes. It's hard to work out with children laying on you and sitting in you.

I pulled out this large cardboard castle and set it up in our extra room.

Nathan has been taking his job of decorating very seriously. He's been hiding in the bedroom coloring and playing for an hour. So far this simple cardboard box castle is a great toy!

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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was "a very special night" as Nathan put it. We spent the day chilling out while Daniel rehearsed his sermon for the night. We finished the chocolate advent calendar that I got for Nathan. Elijah liked the little doors so much that he carried it around much of the morning.

After church we had fondue dinner. This was the second year we had fondue dinner on Christmas Eve, so I guess it's a tradition now! I found fondue cheese at aldi (what?) and it was great! Elijah pigged out. He just kept yelling and pointing at what he wanted.

Nathan, on the other hand, loved dipping things but not eating them.

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I took the boys out to play in the snow yesterday. Elijah loved it!! I wish I had better boots for him because he would stay outside for a long time.

Nathan, however, was not a fan. He didn't like the snow in his eyes. Then he got cold and gave up.

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Elijah's first haircut

I tried to get a good after photo of Elijah's haircut. Getting a non fuzzy photo with my iPhone proved to be a challenge. Apple needs to hire moms to be phone designers.

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Nathan's real Christmas list

I made Elijah's Christmas list, so I have to make Nathan's also.  Nathan this year is very excited for Christmas.  I love that every time he sees a manger seen he says, "Mom! Remember when Jesus was born?"
I am close to being done Christmas shopping for Nathan.  And I did buy him some of the items on his list below.
Here is a list of what Nathan really wants for Christmas:
1. Anything Lightning McQueen
2. Unlimited amount of TV
3. Anything Spiderman
4. To play his drum set on the stage at church
5. 100 Matchbox cars
6.  A bag of marshmallows
7. A juice dispenser so he can help himself to unlimited amounts of juice
8. A living room that's twice the size so he can do his nightly running in it.
9. Cake
10. Anything is brother wants

Elijah's Christmas list: for real

I've been thinking about what to get the boys for Christmas lately.  And as I've thought about it, I realized that alot of the things Elijah really wants cannot be bought.  But they also cannot ever really be given them.
So I present to you Elijah's Christmas list, or "What Elijah really wants."

1. A Two day old bagel off of the floor
2. 24 hours of unlimited bottles of milk
3. 24 hours of being carried nonstop
4. To sleep in either Nathan's or Mommy's bed
5. Old dried up markers to chew on
6. Clementines, clementines, clementines
7. Flyswatters (he loves flyswatter, carries them around all day)
8. Nonstop access to playing in the toilet water
9. To make the couch into a fort
10. Anything his brother has