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Vacation day 5

Vacation day 5 brought more beach time (big surprise)! We found small nets and the boys tried to catch fish in them. Elijah worked on learning to pull himself up some more.
The afternoon was filled with playing with some ducks that made their way to or door. We fed them bread then chased them around the yard.

Vacation day 4

Day 4 of vacation brought more beach time! Nathan learned to jump off of the dock by himself! Elijah even went in the water and splashed around.


Nathan found a new favorite toy, a handivac. He vacuumed the whole lake house most mornings. This is very convenient since Elijah is in the Cheerio eating/spilling phase.

RIP minivan

So we love our minivan. I searched for 2 months for the right can at the right price. I test drove it and bought the van on my own while Daniel was in Brazil. When he came home, he sat in it one time and declared that he loved it too! It was the first car we've owned that fits all 6 feet 3 inches of Daniel.
We had finished 7.75 hours in the car with our children when "the accident" happened. The kids were finally content, and Daniel and I were chatting about how common our van type was. Daniel started to talk about how nice it drives and how he's not uncomfortable at all when a deer started to sprint across the street from our left side. I gasped at seeing the deer cross in front of us. My gasp made Daniel put on the brakes and look at me. I looked ahead and saw us running right into the side of a deer.
The deer was dead on impact, and apparently so was our beloved van :( thankfully the impact was not very strong to us and the airbags didn't go off. I'd descr…

Vacation day 3

After a rough start to our vacation we settled into the lake house. For day 3 we decided to venture across the street to a different beach. The lake house is on a chain of lakes, so the house sits on one lake in its back yard. Across the street from the front yard is another lake. Nathan did great! He wasn't afraid of the water and went right in. We also built our first sand castle :)
Cranky teething baby decided to take the day off and me sweet Elijah baby returned. We kept a hat on him because I'm afraid of sun burning his head :) and he looked so adorable in his fisher man hat.
We ended our full day of water and sun with a movie before bed.

Workout buddy

Workouts become pretty intense when you add a 30 pound weight :)


Elijah learned to feed himself!!! This has been a great alternative to yelling for me to stick a Cheerios in this mouth every 2 seconds.

First tooth!

Elijah finally got his first tooth this past week. And now he's getting 4 more right away. Poor little guy. :(

Self portraits

Crafty little 2 year old left alone with phone.


The past two mornings Nathan has decided he needs to snuggle on the couch with Elijah in the morning. To me this is too cute. Elijah, however, seems indifferent to this act of brotherly love.

Goulet family band

Big man elijah is cool on the keys. While wild man Nathan lays down a beat on the drums.


We live about 6 blocks of the University of Illinois. When we bought this house it's close proximity to the campus was a major selling point for us. Daniel and I have always enjoyed going for walks around campus and praying and talking together. As we have added to our family we have taken them with us on our walks.
It makes me so happy that our kids also love the campus. One of Nathan's favorite destinations are the fountains down the street from our house. The other night he decided to bring his monster truck with us on a walk. It is quite funny to me that Nathan has decided this place that is not very child friendly is one of his favorite spots.

Elijah stands!

Elijah decided to start holding onto things and standing. I remember Nathan using this table often and I'm glad Elijah also enjoys it.

Trading places

The boys decided to switch roles this morning. Nathan laid on the boppy and chewed on a foam toy. Elijah played with the little people toys.


I've decided for their birthdays my children are getting a room full of helium balloons. They have been fighting over the balloon I got for my birthday. I told Daniel that we moved to the point where we can no longer buy one of something.


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!