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Clothing victory

It's a big day! Elijah has worn the same outfit all day without a diaper explosion or getting food all over himself. I don't this has happened in months.


I took a picture of Elijah today and for a second I thought it was a picture of Nathan.  So I got to thinking, "How much do they look alike?"
Well here's the comparison

Nathan around 7 months:

Eljiah around 7 months:


Elijah learned to scoot on his bottom. He's not very fast, but he is determined. :) Today he scooted over to me and attacked my leg.

Toys 2.5 year olds love

Nathan started playing with little people toys and using his imagination this month. I shared this with grandma spence and she brought down a minivan full of "little people" toys. I thought Nathan would like them. But he LOVES them. He's been playing with them nonstop all day. He seems to like unpacking them from their box and setting them up in their vehicles and resetting up the town.
If you have a 2 1/2 year old I highly recommend these!

7 months old

Elijah turned 7 months old!!
He's very excited about this!

Adventures on a 2 wheeler

Nathan got his first 2 wheel bike this week.  I have been looking for a cheap balance bike for him for awhile.  A balance bike is an very small bike without pedals so kids can use their feet.  The idea is that kids eventually glide more on the bike and learn to balance before they learn to pedal.
I have been looking for a balance bike, but because they are a newer concept I can't seem to find one used.  So on Friday I found a normal pedal 12" bike.  One quick stop at our local bike project (where they fix bikes for free, or help you fix yours) and the pedals were gone!  Nathan is in love.
The only downside it that it is still a smidge too big for Nathan.  He can touch the ground but not flat footed so he is alittle off balanced.  I am disappointed now, but I know in a few months my very tall two year old will fit well on the bike and be off to the races.
We also got Nathan a bike helmet with Spiderman on it that he might love more than his new big bike.  The helmet is in h…

Elijahs digits: 6 months

I forgot to include Elijah's measurements in my 6 month post.  Basically, he has become long and lean. BIG SURPRISE!
Weight: 16lbs13oz (33rd percentile)
Length: 27.5 (82nd percentile)
Head: 17.3 (66th percentile)

I'm kind of surprised about his weight, I thought he would be heavier with all of his rolls.

Nathan: 2.5 year old update

Nathan turned 2.5 on the 21st of April, and I forgot to do my update on him! I can't imagine why!
Here's all about Nathan this month

Things that he likes:
Anything that he is not allowed to have ;)
"Kid" food: chicken nuggets, hot dogs, yogurt, applesauce, ect.
Condiments: Nathan LOVES any type of condiment, salsa, ketchup and ranch are the top.  But I don't dare put anything on the table and not give some to him.
Drums: still drums win over all.  We have "drumsticks" (pencils) all over our house.
Imaginative play:  Nathan just started to really use his imagination when playing, he likes little characters and pretending that they talk.
TV:  I still really limit TV (one show in the morning and one show in the afternoon) but he LOVES TV.  It's the first thing that he asks for every morning.  I try to reserve it for times when I am nursing or need him to be still.  And I do admit that with baby Elijah coming into the picture the TV watching increased…