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Rollin Rollin Rollin

Nathan can roll from his belly to his back, with alittle assistance. He has done this a few times on his own. I will upload the video later. Here is Nathan doin tummy time, check out that neck strength.

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I win!

I have developed a hobby out of saving money the past few months. This has included reading money saving blogs, using stacks of coupons at a time and entering contests online. And this week... I won! I got 2 things actually. I got a free book called Primal by Mark Batterson. I also won a free cloth diaper, and changing pad. I've never won anything before, I was quite excited.

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Just like Christmas

We were talking to someone about having a baby in the house. She said,"having a baby is just like Christmas morning everyday." And she's right, it is kind of like Christmas. You can't wait to see them, even sometimes think of waking them up from their nap to play with them. They always amuse you, and you just want to look at them all the time.
Speaking if that, here is Nathan on Christmas.

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Nathan's first Christmas present

Nathan had a cute little swing that he loved, however it broke this week. Since I sometimes bring this into the bathroom while I get ready and shower it has been an interesting few days of me having to stop what I am doing and push the swing every few minutes.
Well Christmas came early, and Nathan got a new swing. Notice I didn't say Santa, we are not celebrating with Santa in our house. I am sure this will lead to some interesting interactions with other kids when Nathan gets older, but that's for another post. I love that i could find a portable swing. They take up less space and I can easily move it around the house. Look at his excitement.

Then 2 minutes of swinging later, he's about to fall asleep.

By the time I finished writing this...

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What am I? A breastaurant?

Our little boy is growing like a bean, a very round bean with amazing thigh rolls that you want to squish and squish. The doctor was impressed at his batting and grabbing skills.
Nathan now weighs 11lbs 12oz and is 22.75in long. This tells me that breast feeding is going well, eventhough Nathan acts like he's starving at every feeding.

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Be afraid, be very afraid.

The biggest surprise that I have had since having a baby? THE LAUNDRY
I had no idea how much this area of my life would explode. My laundry has easily quadrupled since I had Nathan. Granted we use cloth diapers, this adds three loads to my week. But what I didn't expect was the multiple outfits that Nathan goes through a day due to spit up, urine, and today, poop. Then you need to add in the number of clothes that I go through a day due to the same bodily fluids. Then add multiple sheet changes per week because of said bodily fluids. And this all adds up to this....

This is the stack that I need to fold tonight (4 loads*). I have started to just pile it all on the bed and fold everything all at once at night while I watch hulu and chat with Daniel. This system seems to be working well.
*forgot to mention that Nathan is going up a size in clothes so I had to prewash all of those :)

2 Months Old!

Happy Two Month Birthday Nathan!

Here is all about Nathan this month....

Nathan no longer fits into his newborn clothes, and he is quickly growing out of the 0-3 months clothes this is mainly due to the fact that he is so long. Nathan has been getting rolls on his legs and arms (LOVE).

Things Nathan Loves
1. His Thumb. Nathan discovered his thumb this week, it has become his new favorite hobby to lay around and suck/chew on it. Daniel and I initially were fighting the idea of a thumb sucker, but we are realizing that nature is taking its course and he is doing this whether we like it or not. We are going to have to pray that this does not effect his teeth.
2. Smiling. Nathan is a big smiler, it seems like everyday he is smiling more and more.
3. Getting his diaper changed/bath time. These are still his favorite activities, what can I say he's a boy that likes to be clean.
4. Giraffe. We got the cutest litter giraffe blanket with a little stuffed animal head on it. Nathan sleeps w…

Look out world, I can bat at things

Nathan finally can focus enough to see things in front of him instead of peripherally. With this, he played with this toy today and he can hit the animals that hang above him.

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Grandma Spence has nominated Nathan to be baby Jesus in her churches live nativity. From this picture, I think he would be a better sheppard. :)

Sleeping sitting up

I might change my blog name to "sitting up while sleeping." I guess I'm more tired than I realize cause that's what I did last night. I sat on the futon with Nathan and his boppy pillow at 5:45. The next thing I know Daniel is saying good bye to us at 7:15. Pretty sure that's what happened. Oh well I am sure my little glutton loved nursing as long as he wanted. I usually have to cut him off cause he'll eat until he spits most of if up. Seriously, he'll nurse for 2 hours if I let him and he doesn't get too tired.

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Warning: Cute overload ahead.

Ode to our awesome friend, Jenna. Jenna is our incredibly funny, caring and all around wonderful neighbor. Not only can she sing, play guitar, have great hair and tie a scarf in 25 different ways, she also can take awesome pictures. Like the pictures that she took of me while I was 9 months pregnant, anyone that can make a hugely pregnant woman look comfortable deserves a medal. She took this belly picture of me:

Jenna is also chronically Nathan's growth. She came over the other night to take some Christmas card/one month old pictures. Let's just say that Nathan is not the easiest subject to work with. You have to work around the fact that he doesn't focus, has little head control, and favors looking to the right. Despite these challenges Jenna just sent us these pictures. I can barely handle the cuteness, it makes me temporarily forget the 51 pound weight gain, weeks of puking, and hours of labor. This face makes me become delusional enough to think of how many …

Growing like a bean

Another brilliant baby idea! :)
I thought this would come in handy to measure our little bean. He seems to grow so quickly, this can keep us up to date. It's a baby measuring sheet, just lay babies head in the center and it tells you how long they are.

Parents can measure baby from any direction, find more photos and info here.