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Cute moment

Nathan does not understand burping. He doesn't really get the concept, so he's not a big burper. He also doesn't get burping positions. When I sit him up to burp him, he just kind of looks awkward. And when I lay Nathan on my chest to burp he uses all of his neck muscles to pick up his head and stare at me instead of resting his head. So this is what I see....

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The care and feeding of Nathan

Happy one week birthday Nathan!!!

Nathan is an awesome baby. I know that I might be setting myself up to fail by making this claim, but I have to brag on him. He has been great since the beginning, but each day he just gets more complacent. I like to think that God realized how bad my pregnancy was and is now having pity on me. We are pretty set on a three hour cycle of eat, play, sleep. Sometimes, we skip the play.
What's crazy is that nighttime is great, and this is the thing that I was dreading the most. Because Nathan was below his birth weight, the doctor asked that I not let Nathan go more than 3 hours between feedings. So I have been setting my alarm and waking him up. Except for last night, when I forgot to set my alarm and he went 3.5 hours and then work me up. And early this morning, he went 4 hours between feeding before he woke me up.
Nathan also, rarely cries. The first night home was rough, but other than that he rarely all out screams. When he wakes up he ki…

2 new firsts.

Today is Daniel's first day back working at church all day since Nathan was born. He's thankfully been able to take paternity leave and work from home. So today is my first day without him here :( Grandma is still here so I don't have to stay alone with him quite yet. I really appreciate all if her help, especially since I can't drive for two weeks. Thanks Grandma!
Nathan went back to the doctor to have his weight checked this morning. We are tracking him until his weight is back to his birth weight. We got all packed to go early this morning (a much longer process than pre-baby) just as we were about to leave, we heard a loud "squirt" come from Nathan's bottom. He thankfully rode peacefully with a poop diaper to the doctors (he likes the car). And then Nathan had another milestone.... His first public diaper change, performed by Daniel. Daniel has been the king of diaper changes, taking on even the gross tar like poop the first days. Nathan did great …

Family devotions

Daniel has Mondays off, so we got to have him home with us this morning. We began what I hope will be a habit in our family, family devotionals. We read stories together from the baby bible.
I read the story of Debra. I swear Nathan was interested and looked at the pictures.

Daniel read the story of Gideon.

Nathan tried, but he was less interested.

All in all, we had a great time.

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Labor Induction Technique that does work....

Almost from the day that I found out that I was pregnant, I thought that Jesus told me (weird, I know) that baby Goulet was going to come on October 21st. October 21st is also the anniversary of Daniel and I getting engaged. The year that we got engaged October 21st was sweetest day, so Daniel thought that it was a perfect day to get engaged.
Even though I have thought that whole time that I would have a baby on the 21st, I am not a patient woman. And I especially do not like surprises, so the suspense of going in the labor was killing me (see previous posts).
On the 20th, in my quest to go into labor I drank Castor oil. Gross I know, but I mixed it with juice and it wasn't bad. I went for me daily walk, and felt nothing. Within a couple of hours, the Castor oil had kicked in. Castor oil in found at drug stores, and is typically used as a laxative. I can now say from personal experience, that it is a good laxative if you would like to completely clean your bowels out and do…

First Visit to the Doctor

We took Nathan to the Dr for the first time this weekend. It was just a standard follow up from the hospital. Nathan has lost about 6oz of weight since he has been born, so we need to keep taking him in to get weighed every couple of days.
As far as length though, he's a rockstar. He measured 21.5 in when he was born, that puts him in the 98th percentile for length. (Daniel says, "That's my boy."). This incredible length along with his giant monkey feet confirm to us that he is going to be tall.

Nathan Goulet is here

Welcome to the world Nathan Goulet. I am working on the labor story and on how he got his name.
But for now, here is babies first bath. We spiked his hair. I think it's only a matter of time before I cut his baby mullet.

The Nesting continues

This is it people, its the week of my due date. Daniel and I had our schedules completely clear this whole week in case of baby Goulet's arrival. Since most of my crazy cleaning and shopping is complete, I don't have much else to do. Well, I am sure I could find something else to clean....hmm.... Daniel usually has night time meetings planned, but this week his schedule is all clear. As the week has begun, we have been trying to find impromptu things to do so that we keep our selves occupied and don't go crazy. We had a nice dinner with our roommate and his fiance tonight. Then, Daniel had people over for a bonfire to celebrate us finishing our patio.
Speaking of patio, it turns out that I am not the only Goulet that is nesting..... Monday was Daniel's day off and it seems he got the bug to finish projects that he started. First, he finished our patio that we have been working on for 3 weeks. I helped carry bricks, to try to induce labor. This did not work.

Midwife Update - 39 1/2 weeks

I went to the midwife again on Friday. My belly is exactly 40cm, where it needs to be. I am uncomfortable and very very cranky. Baby Goulet seems to be just fine resting his head on my bladder.
The midwife didn't seem to think that he was coming out any time soon. My cervix is just starting to open (TMI?). Looks like my labor induction techniques really did not work.
The midwife talked about a "game plan" to get this kid out of me. If I don't go into labor by Friday (Oct. 23) she is going to run a bunch of tests to make sure that he is healthy and not too big. If he is not the size of a toddler, they will let me wait another week. If I don't go into labor by October 30th, we will start talking about inducing labor. I am praying that baby Goulet comes quickly and that I don't have to be induced.
The thought of maybe being pregnant for two more weeks did not sit well with me. I cried all the way home, where I found Daniel and cried to him.

Which leads me…

Labor induction techniques that do not work

Since baby goulets due date is a mere 6 days away (what?), I have been taking it upon myself to try to speed up the process. Since I am still pregnant (Grrrrr) I count them all as failures.
1. Pineapple
- I had never heard of this one, but it came up on a google search. So I ate 2 cans of pineapple and drank almost a container of pineapple juice. The good news is that all that vitamin c kicked out the cold I was getting. But other than a vitamin boost, and thoughts of leaving for Hawaii the pineapple produced no uterus movement.
2. Raspberry leaf tea
- I like tea anyway, so this was not a stretch. But it did nothing. Then I read of an even better combo of drinking the tea and running up stairs 2 at a time. I was tempted to try this, but my fear of falling won and I did not. I don't want to damage baby Goulet, I just want him out.
3. Long walks
- Long walks have been a nice relaxing part of my day. And I can feel baby Goulet's body moving lower and lower as I walk. But no contract…

Baby, You're making me a shopaholic

As the days tick past (T minus 8 days!) and move toward my due date. I have found that the nesting instinct has kicked in full swing. I don't know what happened to me, but this past weekend these crazy obsessive thoughts came into my head like a tornado. First, all that I could think about was cleaning out the coat closet, so I cleaned that out. Then it was the kitchen. Then the bathroom. I continued this process through the entire house and through all of the closets. I couldn't help it. The thoughts of cleaning just kept occupying my thoughts until the chores were done.
And since I had pretty much everything clean, I moved onto baby set up. I made sure every area that we would need from hospital bag, to diapering area were set up.
Since most things are clean, and organized I started to move on to things that I obsessively think that I need to buy. This weeks obsessions include buying cloth diapers online and Pee Pee Tee Pees. So diapers, we have plenty of small diapers but I …

Straining to speak

There are alot of things that I have learned about pregnancy through reading articles on the internet and books. There is one topic that I have not read about and unfortunately learned the hard way. That is public speaking while pregnant does not work.
When I was 6 months pregnant I was preaching in Godsearch and afterward Daniel told me that it sounded like I was running while talking. Then this past weekend I spoke just for 10 minutes and I swear i sounded like I was going to fall over at any minute. Imagine that you are standing in front of people holding 30 or 40 lb weights. Now try to talk. It kind of sounds like you're straining and out of breathe... Welcome to my world.

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Midwife update - 38 1/2 weeks

Went to the midwife today. She told me that my continued false labor was totally normal. I only gained 2 more pounds this week (primarily in my ankles). My belly measured right at 38 weeks.
The midwifes guess is that baby Goulet is about 8 lbs right now. To which I thought .... 8 lbs! Get him out now!
But baby Goulet doesn't seem ready to make his enterance just yet.... 12 more days until my due date.

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False Alarms

This being my first pregnancy, I am learning everyday that I have no idea what to expect. This pertains to pregnancy, and specifically labor.
I was reminded of this this weekend, when I learned I don't really know what labor feels like. My expectations are that it will be painful and unmistakable. Two weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I was getting punched in the gut. After coming to my senses, I realized that this was "fake labor." I decided this, cause real labor had to feel much worse. Two hours later, the pain stopped and I was able to go back to sleep. I told this to the midwife, and she said that these are a good thing and to embrace them.
So I kept trying to embrace the pains that are annoying and unproductive. Embrace I did, until this past Friday night. I stayed up way too late. And in baby Goulet tradition I was awakened at 2 am being punched in the gut, I felt like they were the worst cramps of my life. I at first thought …

Midwife update - week 37 1/2

Remember that time that I gained 8 pounds in one week? Oh, wait that was this week. I couldn't help but react when I saw the scale. However, the nurse next to me must get this all day, because she did not seem amused. I think its safe to say that I am retaining water. In other news, I told the midwife that I don't think that baby Goulet has dropped yet because I still can't breathe and I still feel a butt against my ribs. When the midwife examined me, she disagreed. She said that baby Goulet has dropped, she can feel his head. She decided that he is a very long baby. Considering the fact that Daniel is 6'3" and I am 5'10", I am not really surprised by a long baby. I am praying that he is long and skinny though :) The midwife said that everything looks good and that baby Goulet is in place, I just need to start having contractions. I never thought that I would leave thinking "bring on the contractions." But I am.