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He Claps.

Where do I even begin.
Daniel and I both have degrees in music, so we have some expectations of our child to like to play music also. So far Nathan has really enjoyed drumming.
So I read a research study the other day about children and learning music. The study said that babies exposed to non-typical rhythms between ages 6 months to 1 year can better identify then and play them later in life.
Therefore, Daniel has been frequently clapping irregular rhythms for him. And this is the song, from West Side Story, that we have been singing everyday in our house.

Well, the frequent clapping sessions have paid off. Look who learned to clap today. He had banged 2 toys together in the past but never really clapped. Nathan continued to do this for 10 minutes, he was quiet proud of himself.

Nathan at the park

We took Nathan to the park for a cookout last week. It was his first time playing in the grass, so he tried to face plant and eat it at first. Nathan also loves balls. When we are inside he likes to roll the ball away and whine until someone brings it back to him.

Look! a video not taken with my iPhone.

In the Morning

Mornings around here remind me of the movie "Ground Hog Day." And because I am a girl that likes her schedules, this pleases me greatly. So here is what a typical morning in the life of Nathan Goulet (7 Months old) looks like. I am sure you'll find yourself riveted.

8:00 Nathan Wakes up, this morning he's....crabby
8:20. Done nursing, Nathan poops.

8:25 Nathan plays in his high chair while I make breakfast.

8:30 Nathan eats/wears breakfast. Cereal and fruit.

8:45 Nathan takes a bath, in the real bath tub.

9:00 Nathan is done with his bath. He looks at himself in the mirror. Then I dress him while he plays with the strap on the changing table.

9:10 a couple of minutes of floor time. Today he talked to a flower.

9:20 Time for a nap. Nathan usually sleeps until 11:30 or so.
The end

RIP Microwave

My parents bought the first digital microwave ever made back in 1980. It has fake wood sides, and takes up the entire depth of the counter. We tease about the microwave when we are home, wondering how they have replaced every other appliance in the house but the microwave has stayed the same. Well today I am eating my words. We recieved a microwave for a wedding present less than two years ago, and today it is officially broken. It started sparking when we used it a couple of days ago. Today it sparked and sparked and then started smoking.
We decided to put the microwave down today, and send it to where appliances go to die. RIP dear microwave, you burnt my popcorn consistantly anyway.

Nursing a monkey

Ever wonder what it's like to nurse a monkey?
Well I think I have an idea. Nathan now thinks nursing should be an active time in his life. So he hits me, pulls on my shirts, grabs my neck, and scratches my back with his other hand. Then there are the feet, he has to kick those. He has to feel around just in case something would show up near him that he needs to find.
I have tried several experiments to stop the 10 minutes on hyper nursing insanity. If I hold his hand, his feet kick more wildly. If I hold his feet his arm swings more wildly. If I try to hold both hand and feet, the arm behind me that I can't reach kicks into action. Sometimes he'll stop nursing at that point and look at me like "what?"

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On the move

Nathan can go from sitting up to this position in about 5 seconds.

Then he either rocks back and forth on his knees, or if he's on hardwood he slides around on his belly. He can only go backwards while sliding and gets frustrated when he reaches a wall.

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Mini-Vacation Day 2

Day 2-

Nathan slept in until 10am. That means I slept for 10 hours people!!! Can we vacation forever?

Our main goal of vacation was to camp out in the hotel room, and hang out. Family time at its finest.

- Nathan took a bath in a REAL bathtub. You would have thought it was a swimming pool. He splashed and played. And of course he inspected every inch of the tub, he looked at the faucet and the drain and the soap holder. It was very exciting. Then he reached for the side of the tub and tried to pull himself up.

- We spent some time in the lobby watching cars and the train go by. It was like watching TV to Nathan.

- Nathan took a morning nap and a 2.5 hour afternoon nap. Then he decided that he was still tired and fell asleep while nursing.

- Nathan also fell in love with his pacifier on this trip. We used the pacifier when he was younger. But the past month or so I just stopped giving it to him because he didn't needed. But this trip, he NEEDED it. I think he mainly ch…

Mini-vacation Day 1

We had a guest speaker at our church this weekend. He needed a ride back to Chicago on Sunday, and Daniel has 2 weeks of vacation to use. So I thought we should take this opportunity to take a mini-vacation. So I thought we could stay in Chicago for a few days and hang out.
And let me tell you, this was not a good idea.
- First, Nathan decided to start getting his second tooth the morning we were leaving. So he screamed alot of the 3 hour drive to Chicago. At one point we had to just stop becuase he was inconsolable. Let me tell you the guest in our car loves us :).
- Next, we had a brain fart when we booked the hotel. Daniel booked a great hotel downtown Chicago. We forgot when we did this, that we had a baby. We arrived at the hotel that had no parking, unloaded our ridiculous amount of luggage onto the sidewalk (see the sentence above about us having a baby = lots and lots of stuff.)
- Then there was no one to help us with our luggage, and we couldn't keep the car on t…


Nathan got dirty right before dinner the other night. I thought, since bedtime is an hour away I would save myself the extra laundry and just feed him in only a diaper. Since Nathan decided that this was the night to blow raspberries while eating peaches I made the right choice.

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Still blue

This is me trying to document that nathans eyes are still blue. Daniels prayers must be working, he loves Nathans blue eyes. And his hair is still blonde. We don't know where he came from.

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My boy

Nathan is being such a good eater lately. I even usually need to make an extra seerving of food for him after he eats what I initially make, or he screams until I do.
This morning Nathan ate his mushed banana and cereal well. I was really thankful because we had to leave to go to class. He finished and I went to put the dishes in the sick. Nathan decided that he stuffed himself alittle too much, and spit up onto his tray. I was pretty excited that he got it all on the tray and not on his outfit. Nathan was so excited to have something on his tray that he wound up his hand to give his throw up a good slap on his tray. So I ran over to him and grabbed his hands. Then I had to fight my little man to remove his tray while he tried to play with his puke. "NO! NO!" I yelled.
And this again proves that he is a boy. A true boy, that likes to drum on everything. A boy that is not afraid of puke, and thinks its kind of cool. I see this playing out in elementary school at some point.

All dolled up

We had a graduation banquet for the high school seniors at our church on Friday. We all got dressed up to go to the event. I was slightly disappointed that I didn't have an outfit for Nathan that matched ours. Don't know why I'm hanging on to the matching outfits thing. Oh well.
Nathan looked like such a little man in his polo.

But reminded us that he's still a baby. Lately he's been in the habit of falling asleep in my arms. Since I have always put him to sleep in either the car seat or his crib this is new to us.

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Craft Attempt #1

We have been working on Mother's Day presents to send to Grandma's today. I had a great idea to finally use the hand mold that someone gave us. So I prepped the mold and waited for the plaster to be just right. Then I took Nathan's hand and pressed it in, he did really well letting me press his hand in. Then in Nathan fashion, he closed his hand and took a big blob of plaster out of the mold. He needed to inspect it of course. Our mold looks pretty bad, but at least it is all Nathan.

First tooth

6 1/2 months old and his first tooth has poked through. Nathan seems to be handling it fine. Whenever I use baby orajel on him he proceeds to chew on his numb tongue for 10 minutes.

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