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Nathan loves...

Here's what Nathan has been up to in January..... These are the things he loves.

1. Baking. Nathan loves to help me bake, eventhough I am not really a baker. His favorite to make lately has been muffins. Let's just say its a crowded Goulet kitchen these days.

2. The iPhone. He still love still loves the iPhone. He pretty much does everything on his own now. His favorite games are the PBS kids app and the Little Stars Preschool game that has you identify shapes and colors.

3. Crawling in his brothers bed. Last month the struggle was to keep Nathan in his room at bedtime. Now the struggle is to keep him in his bed. He likes to climb in with Elijah and play. When I remove him from the crib he always tells me "but he's my best friend." Way to manipulate buddy!

4. Sorting. Elijah likes stacking and Nathan likes sorting and lining up cars. Nathan particularly likes sorting by color.

5. His Cars character cars. These 7 cars character go with Nathan everywhere. At $2-$3…

Elijah loves...

In honor of valentines day, here is a list of the great loves in Elijah's life right now.

1. His bottle
He still takes 2 bottles a day. I've been keeping the bottle out of his bed as we transition to getting rid of the bottle all together.

2. Stacking things. This little boy loves to make towers. He'll use mega blocks, Legos, or wooden blocks. I'm usually pretty impressed at how high he can stack things.

3. The iPhone. Surprise surprise he likes the iPhones, doesn't every kid? Elijah's favorite thing to so is to flip through pictures of himself.

4. The pacifier. He loves it! Not sure when we are getting rid of this.

5. Eating...anything...buffet style. Elijah loves to eat, this is a fact. Many times he will eat his meal and then finish whatever Nathan doesn't eat. But Elijah's favorite way to eat is to sit and point at what he wants to try and have me serve him.

6. Cooking. Whenever I am cooking I have a constant companion. Elijah loves to stand on …

Sunday musings

Here's my photo journey if Sunday this week.
Elijah enjoyed a chocolate donut.

1. Mom take a picture of me and send it to dad.

2. Daniel returned after being gone all weekend. Elijah (physical touch live language baby) attacked and crawled all over him.

3. We had friends over for the Super Bowl. Elijah sat and directed me to what food he wanted. He pigged out.

4. Nathan hung out with the young adults from our small group.

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Brotherly Love

I'm not going to lie and say that my two boys always get along and never fight.  Really, Nathan picks on Elijah quite often.  But as Elijah is getting older they have been playing together more and more. If fact the past two nights I have caught Nathan in Elijah's crib playing with him after bedtime.   And now Nathan's picking is turning into protecting and care for Elijah quite often.
Here they are just giggling away!