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Foot in mouth

Nathan's new favorite toy is his foot. He loves to grab his sleeper and pull his foot to his mouth. Stretch those hamstrings! I tried to take pictures, but they are blurry from his flailing.

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Our morning

Wake up.
Get coffee.
Greet Nathan. He smiles at me.
Nathan is soaking wet.
Nathan is wearing a gown. He kicked off his diaper in the middle of the night and peed everywhere. Note to self: no more gowns, they might seem comfy but it's not worth it.
Bathe Urine soaked child.
Outfit #1: Put on onsie, realize the diaper I put Nathan in is too big and he peed out of the top of it.
Outfit #2: Put on onsie, take a picture of him to send to Arlene. Nathan spit up everywhere after this picture.
Outfit #3: Success
Nap Attempt #1: Put Nathan in swing, realize that the batteries have died from the 2 hours a day that the swing rocks my almost 16 pound child.
Nap Attempt #2: Put Nathan in the portable swing, reminded that the swing doesn't have the horsepower to swing said 15.5 pound child.
Nap Attempt #3: Put Nathan to sleep in his car set, he's happiest there anyway and we are going to the doctor.
I get ready, pack up and head to the doctor.
I melt.

4 months old!!!

Here is all about Nathan this month....

Nathan had another growth spurt this month. I knew he was getting long, but we went to the doctor today and found out that he is 26.5 inches long. In four month old terms, he is in the 90th percentile for height. Forget the 3-6 month clothes, this guys is fully in 6-9 month clothes.

Things Nathan Loves
1. Jumperoo. The jumperoo is a miracle contraption. It might look bad in my living room and take up a pretty big area, but this thing is worth every bit of floor space that it takes up. Nathan loves the jumperoo. It occupies him for hours, it's a four month olds equivalent to a new episode of Lost. It always leaves you wanting more, only the jumperoo is not confusing and actually keeps the same cast of characters.

2. Floor time. Floor time is no longer just floor time, it's now "time to kick" time. Nathan loves to pick his legs up and drop them to the floor. Repeat this action about a hundred times and you have fifteen min…

Not the morning type

I have said this before, but Nathan is not a morning person. It's one thing I love about him :) I was trying to capture his disgruntledness this morning. He slept 12 hours, nursed then wanted to go back to sleep. This is him sitting up, fighting opening his eyes.

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Not your show pony

Every since Nathan was in the womb he has displayed some interesting behavior. When he would kick or move I would have someone feel my belly. Then the moving would stop. I would often have to tell people, "he's not my show pony," he refuses to show off for me. Nathan has continued this behavior, especially lately. We'll be playing and he'll actually give in and laugh for me I think Nathan's FINALLY laughing, oh good. Then I yell, "Daniel he's finally laughing." By the time Daniel gets to the room we are in, Nathan just looks at him puzzled and straight faced. This is the face that he gives us often, he is very serious three month old. He will smile at you, but to get a laugh you have to really work at it.
I think that he has figured that my phone has a video camera, because when he sees the phone go up he stops what he is doing. I imagine years of really bad home movies in my future. You know the ones, where the child just sits in front…

Growing up

One of the saddest events in being a mom is switching Nathan's clothes over to the next size. I don't know what it is, but saying goodbye to one size and washing and folding another makes me nostalgic. Part of the sadness comes from Nathan not being able to wear all of the clothes in that size before he is too big for them. And I think part of my sadness is in thinking, did I enjoy this stage with him as much as I should have.
Last week, I had to switch out Nathan's sleepers. He was wearing 3-6 months sleepers and he could no longer stretch out his legs in them. So, now he is wearing 6-9 month sleepers. How old is Nathan....oh yes 3.5 months. He had a growth spurt last week and I swear he grew an inch over night. Daniel thinks he has been spending too much time in his jumper so his legs are stretching our (likely theory).
The good news about Nathan going up a size is that he now wears socks that will stay on! Baby socks only come in 2 sizes, 0-6 months and 6-18 mon…

Nathan Sits Up

Reason #788 that I love my iPhone, it now takes low quality video. I have the old iPhone 3G that did not take video, but now thanks to a new app for the bargain price of $.99 I take video me heart out. Unfortunately for me, Nathan has caught on to my game. He starts doing something cute and then somehow knows when I turn on the camera so he stops.
So here is my first video, please ignore my annoying voice. I had to do alot of prompting to convince him that I was not taping him.


We went to the pediatrician today because Nathan has had a stuffy nose since the beginning of the month. He's fine. We're going to continue to do what we can, humidifier and saline spray.
Nathan was also weighed and he is 14lb 7oz. That's right he gained almost three pounds since his last check up.
He was pretty proud of himself, and pretty mad that I made him wear a hat. He didn't scream, just gave me this look.


Want to know who slept from 9pm until 7:30am this morning without getting up to nurse????
This guy, that's who.

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