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Another weight loss tip

A quick way to burn extra calories? Just do all your housework with an extra 14.5 lbs strapped to you :) here's Nathan helping. (no cleaning products involved) he likes to hold things. But he doesn't do windows :)

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Buttoned Up

Something unimaginable happened this past week, I though it would never happen but it did. It was one of my biggest fears of pregnancy.... After gaining 51 POUNDS (go big or go home :) ) during my pregnancy I can now fit into SOME of my pre-pregnancy jeans. And I have to say that I am getting used to pants that don't have an expandable tummy waist. I forgot how low real jeans are. I still have 9 pounds to lose, but I account for some of the pounds with my baby feeding boobs.
I have to say that I thought it would be alot easier to lose weight that it has been. For some reason I thought it was special baby weight that was just sucked out with your breast milk. But no, I have actually had to lose weight, REAL weight. My stomach is almost back without much work. But my butt, it had it's own weather system.
So I have been cutting out sugar, except on holidays. Last week, Martin Luther King Jr day counted as a holiday. WHAT? Banks were closed, it counts. I starting running a…

New skills.

This week we are mastering the art of hand eye coordination. Nathan can now hold toys, and bring them to his mouth. Or hit himself in the head with it, whichever comes first.

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3 months old!

Happy Three Month Birthday Nathan!

Here is all about Nathan this month....

Forget the 0-3 month clothes, this guys is fully in 3-6 month clothes. Most of his sleepers are still not quite long enough.

Things Nathan Loves
1. Floor time. Nathan loves to lay on the floor and kick and talk. He really likes to entertain and talk to him self. In fact, he sometimes gets alittle overstimulated when we have people over and he prefers to just lay by himself.
2. Grabbing things. Nathan is working out his hand/eye coordination. He can now grab the toys that dangle from his baby gym and he tries to pull them onto himself. He even grabbed the handle of his diaper bag and pulled it onto himself today. He also LOVES grabbing my hair, whenever I hold him on my shoulder its the first thing that he goes for.
3. Talking. Nathan mainly talks when he is laying down. It is the cutest and funniest thing to here him babble on and on. When he's awake in the car he also likes to talk away. I am not su…

Alternative Diaper Bag

We have been having a struggle finding the ultimate diaper bag. I have purchased two so far and looked a hundred more. We are looking for one that can hold all of our stuff, fit into the basket of our stroller, and looks trendy so Daniel can carry it and not be totally awkward.
We recently switched to an old backpack that I had. It seems to be working, but my search continues.
Today I found this.... it's a jacket for dads that functions as a diaper bag. All the storage, coolness and functionality we are looking for and its hands free! And as a bonus, it basically ensures that Daniel would be the one changing diapers. It has a changing pad in the back pocket and an easy access wipes pocket. It also has a side pocket for bottle. GENIUS!!!

Daddies boy.

I started back at my internship last week. This includes trying to now juggle Nathan and working at the same time. One of my first jobs was to help with a training on Saturday morning. So I left Nathan half asleep and Daniel with a bottle. I thought he would need to eat before I could get home. However, Nathan decided that this morning is a great morning to take a long nap and he slept the entire time I was gone. This means he took a three hour nap that morning. I thought that this was a fluke, he normally sleeps about two hours for his morning nap, but I figured he may have been tired that day.
Then, I left the boys on Monday for what I call "father, son day." This is my day to meet with people while Daniel gets one on one time with Nathan. I stayed home until Nathan was ready for his morning nap at 9am. Monday is Daniels day off, which means he likes to sleep in. I expected Nathan to wake Daniel up at 11am and need to eat. I came home at 1:30pm and found Daniel j…

Snow day!

It snowed today! Everything is better with snow! I'm going to stay warm in my comfy pants all day, like I need an excuse to do that.

Nathan is excited too. He decided to amuse himself by trying to find his hands that are under a blanket. This resulted in lots of smiles and blanket eating.

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Happy new year

We spent new years day with friends, Nathan spent it sleeping. I'm taking full advantage of this age when he will sleep anywhere and not move.

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Another first for Nathan, his first cold. He's recovering well, he's just been sleeping a lot (big surprise). I learned how to put saline drops up his nose and then suck out the boogers. Nathan cried the first time I performed this, but after that he's let me de-snot him without a fuss. I think he's realized I'm going to do it anyway.
Here he is hanging out by his vaporizer, I'm so glad I bought this for myself years ago. The water makes his boogers come out better.

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