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Nathan's real Christmas list

I made Elijah's Christmas list, so I have to make Nathan's also.  Nathan this year is very excited for Christmas.  I love that every time he sees a manger seen he says, "Mom! Remember when Jesus was born?"
I am close to being done Christmas shopping for Nathan.  And I did buy him some of the items on his list below.
Here is a list of what Nathan really wants for Christmas:
1. Anything Lightning McQueen
2. Unlimited amount of TV
3. Anything Spiderman
4. To play his drum set on the stage at church
5. 100 Matchbox cars
6.  A bag of marshmallows
7. A juice dispenser so he can help himself to unlimited amounts of juice
8. A living room that's twice the size so he can do his nightly running in it.
9. Cake
10. Anything is brother wants


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The dog debate

On our drive to school today: 
Nathan: can we get a dog?
Me: no
Nathan:  when I grow up and have my own house and my own kids in going to wait until everyone is asleep and get them a puppy and a kitty. And put them in a box under the Christmas tree. 
Me: that sounds like a great plan 
Elijah: *bursts into tears* I JUST REALLY WANT A PUPPY!

The dynamic duo strikes again

My little dynamic duo was at it again this week. If looking at flashcards is fun, then spreading them everywhere to make sure we see them all is more fun! Nathan distributed to Elijah who spread them around the house.
I am thankful my children play together.
I am thankful my children play together. (Keep repeating).

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